At CICC, we invest heavily in research, which forms the foundation of all our business lines. Our research team provides unique, wide-ranging and timely insights and analysis on macroeconomics, market strategy, financial engineering and asset allocation. Our clients know us as a trusted research institution particularly known for our China expertise.

CICC global institute

As a new type of think tank in the new era, the CICC Global Institute (CGI) focuses on public policy research and decision-making, participates in international policy discussions and information exchanges, and provides advice on the development of China's financial market. CGI conducts forward-looking research on major issues related to the medium and long-term development of China, the global economy, as well as people's livelihood.

Mr. Wensheng Peng, Chief Economist and Head of the Research Department, serves as the Dean of CGI. Ms. Huimin Wu, Managing Director of CGI, serves as the Executive Dean of CGI.

CGI Website

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Areas of Expertise
  • Global macroeconomics

  • Global investment strategies

  • Global commodities

  • Fixed income

  • Global FX research

  • Asset allocation

  • Quantitative & ESG

  • Finance

    (banking, insurance and securities)
  • Technology, media, and internet

  • Real estate and spatial services

  • Energy

    (oil & gas, coal)
  • Materials

    (steel, construction materials, chemicals and nonferrous metals)
  • Industrials

    (construction and engineering, machinery, and aerospace technology)
  • Consumer staples

    (food &beverage, agriculture, and household goods)
  • Health care

  • Automobiles and automobile parts

  • Transportation

    (including infrastructure)
  • Gaming, luxury & Southeast Asia research

  • Public utilities

    (electricity, environmental protection, new energy and electrical equipment)
  • Consumer discretionary

    (retail, home appliances, textiles & apparel, light industry and hospitality)
  • Wealth research

  • 1066 A-share companies and 427 H-share companies covered
  • 71% of A-shares and 87% of H-shares and Red Chips covered by market capitalization

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