At CICC, we invest heavily in research, which forms the foundation of all our business lines. Our research team provides unique, wide-ranging and timely insights and analysis on macroeconomics, market strategy, financial engineering and asset allocation. Our clients know us as a trusted research institution particularly known for our China expertise.

CICC global institute

The CICC Global Institute (CGI) is CICC’s flagship think tank that focuses on public policy research and decision-making. We are active in policy discussions between China and other countries, and contribute to the policy development of China’s financial market.

CGI Website

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Areas of Expertise
  • Global macroeconomics

  • Global investment strategies

  • Global commodities

  • Fixed income

  • Global FX research

  • Asset allocation

  • Quantitative & ESG

  • Finance

    (banking, insurance and securities)
  • Technology, media, and internet

  • Real estate and spatial services

  • Energy

    (oil & gas, coal)
  • Materials

    (steel, construction materials, chemicals and nonferrous metals)
  • Industrials

    (construction and engineering, machinery, and aerospace technology)
  • Consumer staples

    (food &beverage, agriculture, and household goods)
  • Health care

  • Automobiles and automobile parts

  • Transportation

    (including infrastructure)
  • Gaming, luxury & Southeast Asia research

  • Public utilities

    (electricity, environmental protection, new energy and electrical equipment)
  • Consumer discretionary

    (retail, home appliances, textiles & apparel, light industry and hospitality)
  • Wealth research

  • 1066 A-share companies and 427 H-share companies covered
  • 71% of A-shares and 87% of H-shares and Red Chips covered by market capitalization

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