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China CICC Wealth Management Securities Company Limited (CICC Wealth Management) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CICC. CICC Wealth Management is CICC's financial management platform that boasts agility and innovation thanks to products and solutions that conform to globally recognized standards and a professional consultation team. CICC Wealth Management is committed to providing professional investment solutions for our clients and working alongside them to formulate wealth plans to meet their life goals. CICC Wealth Management's vision is to become a world-class wealth management institution worthy of our clients’ trust and to work together with clients to create more value for individuals and society.

Our Strengths

A Robust System for Wealth Research
CICC Wealth Management relies on the robust research resources of CICC Research. With an emphasis on understanding buyers’ perspectives with investment research, we are committed to building a comprehensive research system covering macroeconomics, market strategies, industries, and companies, providing various clients with integrated services encompassing reports, roadshows, and surveys to meet their needs for portfolio allocation, trading, and industry-specific investment research. These services will aid in meeting customer needs in terms of configuring products, trading, and industrial investment and research. CICC's financial research team is one of the first professional teams in China to explore the financial research model. It aims to empower the wealth management business and help our customers preserve and increase the value of their assets through proactive, in-depth, comprehensive investment and research services.

Providing Product Solutions that Meet Global Standards
To better support the needs of wealth management clients, we have gathered professional teams in the industry and integrated internal high-quality resources to create a one-stop shop for products and solutions, providing in-depth capital market research from an international perspective, allocation of a full range of financial products, integrated wealth planning and asset allocation services. We provide extensive research into global markets and financial products as well as all-round wealth planning and asset allocation services. In addition, to meet the risk management and investment needs of our clients, we provide tailor-made solutions, connecting our clients to scarce resources.

A Team of Professional Investment Consultants
Possessing outstanding academic credentials and extensive professional experience, our professional investment consultants and private wealth advisors are committed to fully understanding the needs and goals of clients to provide tailor-made investment solutions, execute and track investment plans, which is how they’ve earned our clients’ trust. By putting the interests of clients first, our investment consultants and private wealth advisors provide one-on-one tailor-made services to clients on the basis of understanding their goals and identifying opportunities and managing risks.

All-channel, Digital Customer Service Platform
CICC Wealth Management is committed to establishing an all-channel, digital customer service platform. By going online and using the CICC Wealth Management app or by visiting our WeChat page, investors can have convenient access to operations like opening accounts, getting real-time market quotes, accessing a plethora of information, trading stocks, high-quality financial management and other financial services to meet the diverse needs of the full spectrum of customers; offline customers can still gain convenient access to efficient services by visiting one of our physical smart node locations.

Customer Camaraderie and Market Initiatives
We emphasize learning about our clients, their lifestyles, and how they think. By creating a comprehensive 'online + offline' service system, we can be with our clients every step of the way, creating value for individuals and society together. The online matrix covers high-quality content like brands, stocks, funds, strategies, portfolio investment and asset allocation, and allows customers to participate throughout the whole journey: before, during and after investment. We organize various types of activities that revolve around clients offline and have built a series of investment and teaching activities covering topics like asset allocation, stock trading, financial education and others, all of which we've used to help establish a platform for communication with customers and provide them with rich, value-added services.

CICC's Brand and Platform
Building on CICC’s years of experience and strengths as a company with Chinese roots and international reach, we leverage our expertise to connect clients with top-tier institutional resources within CICC. We closely collaborate with investment banking, asset management, research and other business sectors. With the invaluable experience of CICC’s Investment Banking Division with their numerous projects, we provide our clients with our top-of-the-line integrated investment and financing solutions. We also invite economists, entrepreneurs and investment managers to share their understanding of macroeconomic conditions, policy trends, trending issues, industry analysis and other topics. By incorporating these services, we keep our clients informed with research and discussions in the field of wealth management to satisfy their needs and build a platform for long-term communication.

Our Business

CICC Wealth Management cares about customers, first and foremost, and provides lifelong solutions across all asset classes. In order to better meet the needs of our clients, CICC integrates internal resources to build a one-stop Investment and Products & Solutions Tribe (IPS Tribe), providing product customizations that meet global standards, innovative and efficient trading services, diversified capital services and comprehensive and integrated services offered by CICC.

Customized Portfolios that Meet International Standards

Innovative and Efficient Trading Services

Diversified Capital Services

CICC’s Integrated Investment and Financing Solutions

CICC Wealth Management’s investment consultants are adept at understanding our clients’ perspectives and providing sensible advice, putting our clients' interests and needs first. Their job isn't just to sell products, or even just pick them out for clients, they manage them for the client every step of the way. We’ve launched services such as China Top 50, Mini China Top 50, and Mutual Fund Top 50, among others, for our very diverse client base. By understanding our clients' goals for life and for their personal wealth, we can provide a dynamic form of wealth management through a top-down process for asset allocation and a bottom-up process for product selection, and ultimately provide our clients with a quality service for product customization that meets international standards.

CIO Office: Backed by CICC’s insightful macroeconomic research, the CIO Office considers the buyer’s perspective and conducts research on strategic and tactical asset allocation based on yield, volatility and liquidity, then gives advice that’s in line with global norms on asset allocation across various categories.

Wealth Planning: CICC Wealth Management has taken the lead in establishing a professional wealth planning team, coordinating exclusive investment consultants to provide ongoing, comprehensive planning and investment advice in many aspects of clients' financial lives, including investment, consumption, retirement and education.  Then, with the use of our customer-centric systems and practices, the team will continue to optimize the investment experience for the client. 

Investment Management: Based on asset allocation research from the CIO Office and our one-stop product platform, CICC Wealth Management's investment management team provide customers with cutting-edge asset allocation services in the industry through customized segregated accounts, FOFs, fund investment consultation and a range of other forms of investment portfolios and services. 

Product Research: Backed by CICC’s product resources, CICC Wealth Management maintains a close interactive relationship with various asset managers in the market. With our rigorous research, assessment and screening process, we provide clients with an internationally leading one-stop product shelf covering the full spectrum of asset classes, meeting clients’ demands for short-term financial management, fixed income, equities, alternative investment and cross-border allocation. 

Stock Trading: Our stock trading services, driven by innovation and technology, cover nearly 7 million individual and institutional clients and provide them with a range of trading services. Our services include stocks, funds, bonds, options, futures, cross-border investment products and others. We strive to provide clients with competitive high-end trading services using our IMS system, advanced algorithms, quantitative transactions, and high-speed trading.

Stock Investment Consultation: CICC Wealth Management has launched several stock investment consultation services, such as Stock 50, ETF 50, and Research before Trading. With the professional strength of CICC Research and the Office of the Chief Investment Officer, we take a client-centric approach and can select an array of excellent stock investment consultants to meet clients’ needs in the timing and selection of stocks and ETFs.

Prime Brokerage Services: CICC Wealth Management strives to build an FTS, a broker settlement system, a rich PB system and algorithm services that provide customers with comprehensive solutions to cover a wide range of different trading needs. Backed by CICC, we provide trading customers with cutting-edge OTC derivative tools and cross-border income exchange services. At the same time, we've used our funds to set up our own FOF, with which we invest in flagship strategic products from private equity managers that have potential for development, start cooperating with these managers and continue to empower managers through a sound system for capital investment.

Trading for High-End Clients: CICC Wealth Management provides professional trading services to high-end clients through tailor-made trading systems and well-optimized trading algorithms. By carrying out set instructions, employees can allow clients to follow up on the trading of stocks, funds, bonds and other investment products in real time to improve trading efficiency. CICC Wealth Management has a trading team with rich experience and solid professional knowledge, having carried out nearly one trillion RMB in securities transactions in the past decade.

Institutional Service Platform of “CICC institutional investment platform”: By tapping into our strength of big data, algorithms, computing engines and experience of business services accumulated through the RITAS platform, CICC Wealth Management attempts to address the challenges faced by asset management institutions in terms of investment management and asset allocation by providing our institutional partners with a digital platform for one-stop fund trading, buy-side investment research and consulting as well as other specialized services related to securities brokerage business, so as to promote win-win cooperation in the ecosystem of buy-side investment advisory institutions.

Margin Financing: CICC Wealth Management is one of the earliest brokers to provide clients with margin financing services. By providing funding to clients for making securities purchases, or lending securities for selling, CICC satisfies clients' needs for accessing more trading opportunities and financial leverage. Our margin business supports individual stocks, basket orders, single-client pools and private placement of securities. Our margin financing business enjoys multiple advantages including a stable trading system, a rich source of financial resources that can be borrowed on margin, an efficient borrowing process and strong information service capabilities. 

Pledge-style Repo: CICC Wealth Management provides stock repurchase services in the form of stock pledges for individual or corporate customers. The borrower receives funds through pledging their stocks or other securities to the lender (securities company or other asset management plans). Our pledge-style repo service has a host of advantages such as high funding efficiency, high LTV and flexible term options.

Repurchase Agreements: CICC Wealth Management provides a service in which individual or corporate customers can engage in securities trading in the form of repurchase agreements. Eligible customers can sell underlying securities to CICC Wealth Management at an agreed price on the stock exchange and the customer will then repurchase the underlying securities from CICC Wealth Management at another agreed price on a specified date in the future. Our repurchase agreement business has the advantages of high efficiency in capital and financing.

Warrant Financing: CICC Wealth Management provides financing services for exercising equity incentives for eligible parties of listed companies. Eligible recipients of incentive plans belonging to listed companies can provide funds to CICC Wealth Management to exercise equity incentive options, and then use all stocks and other assets obtained from the exercise as a guarantee for financing liabilities, after which point funds will be returned and the guarantee will no longer be needed. Before financing has expired, the client should settle all debt through cash repayment or repayment through the sale of securities.

CICC Institutional Services: Backed by CICC’s top-notch institutional service platform encompassing investment banking, direct investment, equities and fixed income, CICC Wealth Management acts as a one-stop shop for clients to access CICC’s institutional services. We provide companies with a range of investment banking services from introducing pre-IPO strategic investors to equity financing in China and internationally, issuing bonds, M&A and shareholder reduction.

Comprehensive Services for Listed Companies: We provide a slew of investment banking services to listed companies operating in China and around the globe. Our services range from opening stock trading accounts, custodian services, market cap custody, market cap management, pledge-style repo financing, lending securities for the revitalization of assets, employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), cash management, capital appreciation and M&A financing.

ESOP Services: We provide enterprises with comprehensive equity incentive services, covering design of equity incentive plans, their implementation, financing support, equity incentive system management, exercise/reduction of holdings, wealth management, research and support for large-scale trades. At the same time, we've built a convenient and efficient CICC equity incentive system that is capable of real-time interaction between company management and employees to help enterprises and employees manage their equity incentive plan more effectively.

Global Family Office: With a focus on the needs of private entrepreneurs, their families and enterprises in the pursuit of development throughout their lives, we provide comprehensive, customized and institutionalized family support, investment management, consultation services, and philanthropic solutions to meet our clients’ needs. With our team's experience as strategic consultants, we can help provide high-quality professional services and help clients realize their vision for their lives, and help their businesses thrive in the long run.

CICC International Wealth Management: With branches exclusively in the Chinese mainland, China CICC Wealth Management Securities Company Limited solely serves mainland Chinese clients. CICC International’s Wealth Management Department, on the other hand, is responsible for providing wealth management services to overseas clients. This overseas business mainly includes investment consulting services on global capital markets, stock trading, intermediary services, derivatives trading, financial product distribution, global asset allocation through discretionary mandates, etc. All of these are offered through our offshore one-stop investment service platform.

CICC Wealth Management has received a number of honors and awards, including:

Asiamoney / Euromoney:

Best Wealth Manager (2019–2023)

The People's Bank of China: 

Financial Technology Development Awards (2022)

Securities Times: 

Junding Award: Best Full-Service Wealth Broker (2023)

Junding Award: Best Fund Investment Advisor (2023)

Financial News:

Best Securities Company for Asset Management in 2023

National Business Daily:

Best Securities Companies for Fintech in 2023

Wealth Magazine: 

Award for Best Wealth Manager in 2023,

Top 50 Family Office in China

Xinhua Finance:

Golden Award for Fund Investment Advisory Services in 2023,

Golden Award for the Operation of Fund Investment Advisory System