Private Equity Investment
Private Equity Investment

CICC Capital, the private equity investment arm of CICC, invests in global companies that have long-term growth potential, core competitiveness and strong management teams. CICC was one of the first two securities firms in China to obtain a direct investment license for a private equity investment fund business. We currently manage RMB / USD private equity funds and fund of funds (FOF), with approximately RMB 360 billion in assets under management (AUM) as of December 31, 2022. We have built a diversified portfolio covering various industries, such as advanced technology, high-end manufacturing, healthcare and consumer.

Private Equity Funds

CICC Jiacheng

CICC Zhide

CICC Jiacheng, established in 2007, is CICC’s first private equity investment entity. Backed by major institutional investors, including China’s National Council for Social Security Fund, Haier Group, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Yanghe Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Railway Fund, CICC Jiacheng established three RMB funds and one USD fund, managing over RMB 30 billion of cumulative assets. It has successfully invested in more than 100 leading companies across a range of industries, including healthcare, technology, advanced manufacturing and consumer. 

CICC Zhide, established in 2015, manages large private equity funds and special funds which serve China’s local government investment vehicles. CICC Zhide aligns its investment approach with China’s national economic and social priorities, such as technological innovation and carbon neutrality. It invests across many major industries, namely  frontier technologies, high-end manufacturing, consumer goods and services, healthcare, new energy, new materials, environmental conservation and next-gen services. CICC Zhide’s cumulative AUM reached close to RMB 50 billion at the end of 2021, and its portfolio track record includes Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc., SenseTime, United Imaging, Changxin Memory Technologies, inc. and SJ Semi.

Fund of Funds

CICC Genesis Fund

Beijing Science & Technology Innovation Fund

Henan Strategic Emerging-Industry Fund

CICC Qirong Fund

CICC Genesis Fund is China's first government-led fund to focus on emerging industries. It is managed by CICC Capital, sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance, and subscribed to by several major institutional investors. The fund aims to provide funding to start-ups in emerging industries and support China’s overall technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

Beijing Science & Technology Innovation Fund focuses on innovation in the fields of advanced science and technology. Its sub-funds mainly cooperate with universities, leading science and technology companies and venture capital firms to invest in information technology, healthcare, intelligent manufacturing and new materials.

Henan Strategic Emerging-Industry Fund was jointly established by CICC Capital and Henan Investment Group. By combining CICC’s investment expertise and Henan Investment Group’s local networks and resources, the fund helps to support the development of emerging industries in Henan province.

CICC Qirong Fund is the first feeder fund in China to adopt an innovative financing fund model with its investments covering both FoF and stabilization funds. CICC Qirong Fund  invests in high-quality funds and direct-investment deals in emerging industries to capitalize on growth opportunities in the new economy. 

CICC Alpha

CICC ALPHA is a subsidiary and one of the direct investment platforms of CICC”. It manages several funds which focus on emerging industries, including internet+, consumer, healthcare, media, Industry 4.0, and the green economy. Its investment scope covers businesses in various stages of growth, from seed-stage startups to mature companies.

With our extensive sector and investment experience, and our rich resources, CICC ALPHA has access to a broad pipeline of projects, a comprehensive investment process, and a variety of exit strategies. We aim to continuously add value to our portfolio companies and generate desired returns to investors.


2022 “China Private Equity Institutional Limited Partner” (ranked first) and “China PE Firm” (ranked second) by Zero2IPO Group

2022 “China Most Notable PE Firm” (ranked first) and “China Best Domestic PE Firm” (ranked second) by China Venture

2022“China Most Successful VC Firm” (ranked second) and “Global VC Firm” (ranked fifth) by Hurun Report

2022 “Best Performing FOF in the World” (ranked third) by Global FOF Association

2022 “China Most Notable PE Firm” (ranked second) by Chinese Venture

2022 “Jinniu Top PE Firm” by China Securities Journal

2022 “Best Government-lead FOF Manager” (ranked first) by China-FoF

2021 “China Private Equity Institutional Limited Partner” (ranked first) and “China PE Firm  (ranked third)” by Zero2IPO Group

2021 “China Most Notable PE Firm” (ranked second) and “China Best PE Firm by LP” (ranked sixth)  by China Venture

2021 “Best Performing FOF in the World” (ranked third) by Global FOF Association

2021 “Best PE Firm” by Securities Times

2021 “Jinniu Top PE Firm” by China Securities Journal

2021 “Best Government-lead FOF Manager” (ranked first) by China-FoF