Investment Banking
Investment Banking

We are committed to establishing long-term mutually beneficial partnerships built on trust with our clients, including central state-owned enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, private-sector enterprises and multinational companies. With a client-first mindset, profound insights into China, and our unrivaled professionalism, we strive to create value for all clients through a full range of first-rate financing solutions and financial advisory services.

It's our responsibility to support the development of the real economy

Since its inception, CICC’s investment banking business (IB) has always been at the forefront of China’s economic transformation. We have supported China’s national strategies and embraced historic opportunities brought on by the across-the-board registration-based reform, the mixed-ownership reform, the supply-side reform, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the development and opening-up of China’s capital markets. By continuously refining our financial expertise in our service to the real economy, we have closed a broad range of deals in key sectors such as finance, energy, transportation and construction, as well as emerging sectors such as TMT, healthcare, high-end manufacturing and consumption.

As China’s economy enters a new era, the private sector led by innovative enterprises is gradually becoming an essential driver of the economy. In response to new demands for financial services, the Growth Enterprise Investment Banking Department (GI) is dedicated to comprehensive and sophisticated capital market services for private-sector enterprises and growing enterprises, several industry groups are established to explore opportunities in emerging sectors, increasing our local presence and strengthening our global network, and the Debt Restructuring Management Group (DRM) has also been established to assist local governments and enterprises in mitigating risks.

Our Services

Equity Financing

Debt Financing and Asset Securitization

Financial Advisory

Initial public offerings and refinancing in both domestic and international capital markets, including the A-share main board, the Science and Technology Innovation Board (STAR Market), the ChiNext Board, the Beijing Stock Exchange and the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ).

Primarily an extensive range of fixed-income products in domestic and international capital markets, including corporate bonds, enterprise bonds, non-financial enterprise debt financing instruments, financial bonds, asset-backed securities, government-sponsored agency bonds, municipal bonds, convertible bonds, exchangeable bonds, preferred stocks and other products.

We actively serve national strategies, including the restructuring and mixed-ownership reforms of state-owned enterprises and the self-reliance in cutting-edge technology. We promote market-oriented mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to achieve strategic industry consolidation and advancement. We facilitate cross-border connectivity through supporting domestic enterprises in their "go global" and "bring valuable foreign resources in" endeavors and lead transactions aligned with the Belt and Road Initiative. Another key area is to mitigate financial and credit risks through debt restructuring transactions. Our financial advisory services cover A-share market, private companies, debt restructuring, and private equities as well as venture investments across major domestic and overseas capital markets. Our leading expertise in M&A is widely recognized across the industry, and we constantly rank No.1 in the PRC M&A market in terms of deal value. In particular, our debt restructuring services supported all deals commended by the Supreme People’s Court in 2021.

2023 Performance Highlights


Debt Financing and Asset Securitization

Financial Advisory

No. 1 by both size and number of HK IPOs sponsored

No. 1 by number of A-share IPOs sponsored in central enterprises

No. 2 in A-share equity financing

No. 2 in global equity financing by Chinese issuers

No. 2 in STAR Market IPO

No. 1 Chinese investment bank by underwriting amount of offshore bonds issued by Chinese issuers

No. 1 by size of infrastructure public REITs under management

No. 1 by underwriting amount of offshore ESG bonds by Chinese issuers among PRC-based securities companies

No. 2 by underwriting amount of nonpolicy bank financial bonds 

No. 3 by offering size of onshore green bonds 

No. 1 financial advisor in global China-related M&A by deal value and deal number

No. 1 financial advisor in the PRC M&A market by deal value and deal number

No. 1 financial advisor in China domestic M&A market by deal value and deal number

No. 1 financial advisor in China cross-border M&A market by deal value and deal number

No. 1 financial advisor in HK listed company privatization deals by deal value and deal number