Fixed Income
Fixed Income

Full-Service Platform

We provide domestic and overseas enterprises and institutions with integrated and comprehensive services such as sales, trading and market making of fixed income, commodity and foreign exchange securities as well as derivatives, including interest rate business, credit business, structured product business (covering securitized products and non-standard products), foreign exchange business and commodity business (including futures business).

CICC FICC (Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities) is committed to building a platform covering all time zones, different markets and multiple products. Our business reaches various major domestic and overseas investors in bonds, commodities and foreign exchange products, and has built experienced sales teams in both domestic and overseas markets.

As a top-tier dealer and market maker in China’s fixed income market, our trading team provides advanced trading methods and two-way price quotes (bid-ask quotes) for cross-market products. We have built and maintained strong relationships with major investment institutions and provide high quality trading services for our clients.

We have built a comprehensive platform for the FICC business in terms of risk-taking and hedging, customer transaction service, product design and issuance, and cross-border transaction execution. We design and provide customized and integrated product solutions for domestic and overseas clients through the interconnected product platform to help them with cross-border trading and risk management.


Top-tier Dealer in the RMB Fixed Income Market
▲ Member of the underwriting syndicate for all 37 LGB issuers
▲ Leading Public REITs Market Maker
▲ Named bond market leader by China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (CCDC) in 2023

Thriving International Business
▲ 2023 Bond Connect Northbound Top Market Maker
▲ 2023 CIBM Participants Performance Evaluation - Top Contributor of International Business
▲ Top1 Chinese offshore dollar bond underwriter among Chinese brokerages

Advancing Green and Sustainable Development on All Fronts
▲ Received No-Objection Letter (NOL) for proprietary carbon emissions trading
▲ 2023 CIBM Participants Performance Evaluation - Top Contributor of ESG Business
▲ Received Excellent Trading Performance Award in the First National Carbon Market Simulation Trading Competition of Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange

Major Innovations
▲ First-in-market innovations: completed the first H-share full-circulation and FX spot transaction bundles in 2023 and the first interbank market green asset-backed note-linked multi-name CDS business in addition to a number of other firsts
▲ The “Insurance + Futures” project was successfully included in XINHUANET “2023 Excellent ESG Cases of Enterprises”
▲ The “Carbon for Ecological Value” model was included in “2023 Excellent Inclusive Finance Cases (Innovative Model) of People’s Daily Online” and listed in 2023 Excellent Cases of Empowering Rural Revitalization through Financial Development

Global Interest Rates

Global Credit

Global Structured Products

Global Commodities

Global Foreign Exchange


As a platform covering all time zones and currencies, CICC provides bond underwriting and distribution services to central and local governments and policy-based financial institutions, market liquidity and high-frequency quotation services as a market maker, and customized solutions for interest rate products and derivatives.

As a leading trading platform for Chinese credit assets, CICC provides Chinese and international, multi-product services to a global client base. Our credit team has strong expertise in cross-border trading, credit research and derivatives customization. Together with our clients, we are committed to advancing forward into the sustainable capital markets across the globe.

As a service platform for asset securitization, real estate investment trusts (REITs), non-standard structured products, notes, non-equity ETF, offshore REITs, US agency MBS and structured products both at home and abroad, CICC leads the primary market underwriting space in China and provides all-around services in trading, market-making and cross-border transactions. Our services cover product, financing, market making and cross-border transactions in the secondary market. We also provide our clients with customized services for structured products.

CICC was one of the first securities companies in China to conduct a global commodity derivatives business, providing governments, enterprises, investors and financial institutions with a wide range of globalized, multi-product and cross-market commodity risk management, as well as investment products and services. As a leading market-maker, we price and trade products with complex structures, covering sectors such as oil, precious and base metals, and agricultural products.

CICC’s foreign exchange platform provides global investment and financing, product trading and risk management services. We run our global business alongside the China-focused business in order to provide a full range of services to customers who have local and international needs.

We provide customized products and solutions covering all asset classes to meet clients’ needs for wealth management, corporate risk management, project financing, asset revitalization as well as green and low-carbon development. We also provide local and international clients with cash management tools, fixed income allocation products, cross-border investment channels and a cohesive risk management program to help them diversify asset allocation and navigate risks associated with interest rate, foreign exchange and commodity price fluctuations.

Customer Service Platform


CICC FX provides clients with complete foreign exchange trading services. Qualified clients can trade foreign exchange spot, forward and currency swap products at anytime and anywhere, and all quotes are synchronized with real-time market rates. In addition, the platform can be used for pending order trading or adding functions such as limit, stop-loss and stop-gain, as well as customizing the trading interface.


FICC Web and App

As one of the leading fixed income service platforms in the market , the CICC FICC Service Platform integrates research, sales and trading with investment banking resources on the CICC FICC Web version and the CICC FICC App, providing clients with a one-stop, online service covering research reports, credit ratings and live-streamed roadshows.

FICC Web and App

CICC Fixed Income ESG Metrics

The CICC Fixed Income ESG Metrics provides ESG ratings of more than 4,000 bond issuers in China. It transformed the research results of CICC Global Institute’s “Carbon-Neutrality Economics” report into carbon neutrality indicators which further incorporated China’s national strategies, such as low-carbon development and rural revitalization.

CICC Fixed Income ESG Metrics