09 May 2023
CICC ranked first among securities companies in the MOF's comprehensive ranking of book-entry CGB underwriters for 1Q23

The Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China recently released the ranking of book-entry Chinese Government Bond (CGB) underwriting syndicate, which placed CICC as the No.1 underwriter among securities companies and sixth in the overall market.

2023 is an important year for China's financial and economic development, and CICC played an active role in responding to the fiscal policy and fulfilling its responsibilities as a member of the book-entry CGB underwriting syndicate. CICC helped 30 provincial, autonomous regional, and municipal institutions win bids for CGBs, including institutions in northern and eastern border ports and areas where ethnic community reside. CICC also connected multiple overseas investors including central banks and sovereign institutions, banks and asset managers to participate in primary issuances, supporting the stable financing and macro-prudential policy of the government.

CICC's underwriting and market-making capabilities have been supporting the efficient operation of the secondary market for CGBs, ranking first in the spot trading volume of the book-entry CGB in the first quarter of 2023 for the ninth consecutive quarter.

Moving forward, CICC will continue to facilitate the development of the CGB market and the implementation of financial policies to contribute to the sustained and steady economic recovery and high-quality development.