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1. Above is the shareholding structure of China International Capital Corporation Limited (“the Company”) as at March 31, 2024, the number of shares set out in the above are extracted from the information on registered shareholders which was obtained by the Company from the share register. 

2. HKSCC Nominees Limited is the nominal holder of shares on behalf of the non-registered shareholders of H Shares of the Company. The number of shares held by HKSCC Nominees Limited included the shares held by Tencent Mobility Limited and Des Voeux Investment Company Limited which are registered under the name of HKSCC Nominees Limited.

3. The Shares held by Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited refer to Shares held by non-registered shareholders of northbound of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. 

4. Certain percentage figures included in this chart have been subject to rounding. 


Note: The above list shows the major subsidiaries disclosed in the Company's 2023 annual report.


Year Currency Year Round Special Situations
2020 RMB 0.18 yuan / share --
2018 RMB 0.16 yuan / share --
2017 RMB 0.16 yuan / share --
2016 RMB 0.16 yuan / share --