Charity Projects
3.China Rural Education and Child Health (China REACH)

China Rural Education and Child Health (China REACH) program is an early childhood development project in poverty-stricken areas funded and supported by CICC Charity Foundation in cooperation with China Development Research Foundation. The project aims to solve the problem of malnutrition and lack of basic early family upbringing of infants in underprivilaged mountainous areas by providing intervention and guidance of early nutrition and intellectual development for children aged 6-36 months, thus improving the interaction between rural children and their caregivers for their cognitive, language, social and health development, and building an appropriate intervention model for early development of Chinese children.

In 2020, CICC Charity Foundation continued to fund and promote the China REACH program in Guzhang County, Hunan Province, Nyemo County, Lhasa City, and Huining County, Gansu Province, and by November of the same year, the project had covered the entirety of Nyemo County.

China REACH – Nyemo County, Lhasa City: The pilot project was launched at the end of 2018, and full coverage of the area was realized in November 2020. It has benefited 1,260 children in six townships and two towns of Nyemo County and created 84 local employment opportunities.
China REACH - Guzhang County, Hunan Province: Launched in June 2018, the project has covered 48 administrative villages in six townships, benefiting 582 children and providing 30 local employment opportunities.

China REACH – Huining County, Gansu Province: Launched in July 2019, the project has covered 46 administrative villages in three townships, benefiting a total of 1,444 children and providing 67 local employment opportunities.