Charity Projects
7. Poverty Relief Effort Through Consumption and Poverty Alleviation Projects

CICC Charity Foundation plays an active role in poverty relief efforts through consumption and poverty alleviation projects.

Public Welfare Poverty Alleviation Project in Weiyuan County, Gansu Province: The Foundation provides poverty relief by combining consumption with the public welfare education project in Weiyuan County, Gansu Province. In 2020, the Foundation donated RMB 620,000 of mutton from Weiyuan County to Dandelion Middle School, Anjiazao School in Shanxi Province, and Tibetan Maternal and Child Health Association, bringing substantial benefit to the students.

Poverty Alleviation Projects in Karakax County, Xinjiang, Susong County, Anhui Province, and Jinyang County, Sichuan Province: In 2020, a total of RMB 510,000 was invested to help national impoverished counties shake off poverty. The Foundation has devised targeted assistance plans based on the local realities and characteristics; it has participated in a special support plan to help specific groups, including local underprivilaged households, monitored households, and marginal households; it has also purchased agricultural vehicles for the transportation of emergency materials and agricultural products.