Full service platform

Our clients receive in-depth, multifaceted research analysis as well as advice on trading opportunities, consultation, and information about innovative products. Our extensive institutional sales coverage and broad client base support the underwriting of fixed income securities and we address the importance of product innovation on behalf of our clients.

Reputable sales force

Our FICC sales professionals provide institutional clients with comprehensive services and we have built meaningful long-term relationships with all numerous types of institutional investors.

CICC is one of the primary open market dealers. We are a qualified syndicate member for T-bonds, China Development Bank bonds and Agricultural Development Bank of China bonds. We are also a qualified underwriter of a variety of other credit products such as corporate bonds, commercial paper, mid-term notes, and ABS.

Outstanding trading ability

Our trading team provides sophisticated trading ideas and quantitative analysis instruments, as well as competency in quoting bid & ask prices for participants in various fixed income securities. We have built good relationships with major investment institutions that have taken advantage of high-quality trading opportunities.

We offer a full range of trading services in all types of fixed income products, including T-bonds, policy bank bonds, Central Bank Notes, corporate bonds and commercial paper. As one of the most active dealers in the inter-bank market, we rank in the top tier for proprietary trading in credit products, such as corporate bonds, commercial paper and mid-term notes.

In-depth FICC research

Our research team focuses on in-depth fundamental and quantitative analysis of major domestic fixed income products. We closely track macro-economic and monetary policy changes in China and provide investment advice by evaluating results from established quantitative models. 

FICC research offers daily, weekly, monthly, and annual published research reports as well as comments on unique features. We also organize regular seminars and forums to help clients analyze market movements and trading opportunities. A number of awards attest to the insight of our professionals.

Persistent product innovation

We track customer needs and market and regulatory environment changes to design new products that optimize returns, reduce risks, broaden investment opportunities, and provide tailor-made investment portfolios.

We focus on financial product innovation and aim to build a long-term mechanism for financial innovation by leveraging our research strength and strong client relationships.

Expanding the Hong Kong business platform

In line with CICC’s international business and secondary-market development strategies, FICC Hong Kong was established in 2007. It now has a strong product line, trading platform, and transaction network, along with long-term customer relationships.

FICC Hong Kong provides several types of financial products linked to interest rates, exchange rates, credit, and commodities. Our Hong Kong team is recognized as one of the top players among Chinese financial institutions.