The FICC business mainly provides domestic and overseas enterprises and institutions with integrated and comprehensive services such as sales, trading and market making of fixed income, commodity and foreign exchange securities as well as  derivatives, including interest rate business, credit business, structured business (covering securitized products and non-standard products), foreign exchange business and commodity business (including futures business).

The company's FICC business covers various major domestic and overseas investors in bonds, commodities and foreign exchange products, and has built experienced sales teams in both domestic and overseas markets.

Our trading team provides advanced trading methods and two-way price quotes (bid-ask quotes) for cross-market products. We have built and maintained strong relationships with major investment institutions and provide high quality trading opportunities for our clients.

We have built a comprehensive platform for the FICC business in terms of risk-taking and hedging, customer transaction service, product design and issuance, and cross-border transaction execution. We design and provide customized and integrated product solutions for domestic and overseas clients on the product platform to help them with cross-border trading and risk management.

Global Interest Rate Business

As a full-time zone, full-variety and all-currency interest rate service platform, we provide 1) interest rate bond underwriting and distribution services to central and local governments and policy financial institutions, 2) market liquidity and efficient, high-frequency quotation services as a market maker, and 3) customized solutions of interest rate products and derivatives.

Global Credit Business

As a first-class market-making trading platform of China credit assets with a global client network, we provide domestic and overseas, multi-product and one-stop services. Connecting domestic and foreign markets, we boast outstanding capabilities in credit research, market-making and cross-border transaction. We also provide customized services of structured products and innovative business for our clients.

Global Structured Business

As a comprehensive service platform for asset securitization, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and non-standard structured products, we provide a full range of services, covering products, market making, trading, financing and cross-border businesses. We lead the market in primary market underwriting and offer all-round services covering pricing, financing, market making and cross-border transactions for secondary market.

Global Commodity Business

As one of the first companies in China to develop a global commodity derivatives business, CICC provides governments, enterprises, investors and financial institutions with global, full-variety, cross-market and one-stop commodity risk management and investment products and services. As a leading market-maker, we have the capability to price and provide liquidity for products with complex structures, covering sectors such as oil, precious and base metals and agricultural products.

Global Foreign Exchange Business

With full-product, all-currency foreign exchange business capabilities, CICC is the first domestic securities company to run a foreign exchange settlement and sale business on behalf of clients. We provide global investment and financing, product trading and risk management services. We run the overseas business alongside the domestic business to provide a full range of services to customers with domestic and overseas interconnection.

Product Business

We provide customers with customized and innovative products, as well as all-around solutions covering all asset classes to meet the various needs of domestic and overseas clients in wealth management and investment, corporate risk management, project financing, asset activating as well as green and low-carbon development. We also provide domestic and overseas clients with cash management tools, fixed income allocation products and cross-border investment channels as well as an “overall” risk management program to meet their diversified asset allocation needs with abundant options, and solve the risks of interest rate, foreign exchange and commodity price fluctuations faced by enterprises.