Consolidated financial services covering sales, trading, investment and research, and derivative products for sophisticated global investors

Since being established in 1997, CICC’s Equities Department (EQ) has distinguished itself as a leader in providing investment-banking services for domestic and global investors seeking access to China’s markets. In the beginning, our core competency was providing global sales and trading services for CICC's IPO projects. In 2000, we pioneered introducing the investment and research service model in China. With the development of China’s capital markets, EQ implemented a new round of transformation and upgrades. We currently provide consolidated financial services covering sales, trading, investment and research, and derivative products for sophisticated global investors.

Global sales & trading network

Our sales network extends across important financial hubs in China and covers major international financial centers including Hong Kong, New York, London, and Singapore, and our global trading network covers major financial hubs including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, New York, and London. Recognized by the industry as the first Chinese investment bank to expand beyond China, we have distinguished ourselves as “the China expert” and as a firm with a global vision, efficient cross-border platform, and the most extensive international experience among Chinese peers.

We advance our development strategy “Chinese roots, international reach.” Leveraging on our top-tier domestic and international institutional client network, we enhance our global platform for asset allocation and product services by capitalizing on our network in China and international financial hubs.

Our market share in the Stock Connect market is among the highest. In the domestic market, we cover the Hong Kong trading accounts for most funds and insurance clients. Statistics from the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges show that, our market share of the trading volume of Hong Kong stocks by mutual funds and insurance companies was 13% as of the end of 2018. In overseas markets, we are in the top tier of global brokers in terms of trading volume executed through the HKEX in northbound trading on the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect. 

We have a reputation for executing domestic and overseas block trades, placements, and mega-IPO deals for the A and H-share markets. We successfully closed many milestone domestic and oversea mega-sized equity financing projects.

Global top-tier client base

We have developed a top-tier client base of high quality institutional investors, namely mutual funds, QFII/RQFII, QDII, hedge funds, insurance companies, pension funds, the National Social Security Fund, sovereign wealth funds, large corporations, and banks. We are the market leader in the domestic mutual fund, QFII, insurance and private equity market. We have ranked among the top-tier for 15 consecutive years in terms of number of QFII and RQFII clients. In the overseas markets, we have established close relationships with hundreds of top-tier overseas institutional investors and ranked in the top-tier for 11 consecutive years in terms of revenue from Chinese mutual fund QDII.

Leading product innovation

We were among the first securities firms in China to obtain pilot qualification for product innovation. We have a reputation as a market leader in the domestic OTC derivatives market as we provide customized and flexible product designs and solutions for clients. We are a pioneer in China in areas such as OTC margin financing, index options, individual stock options, basket equity options, market value management, and cross-border derivatives, and we have obtained the First Class OTC Option Dealer Qualification. Our variety of trading products and trading strategies continues to grow and now includes A-shares, Hong Kong stocks, Shanghai/ Shenzhen Stock Connect, US stocks, futures, and commodities.

Meanwhile, we have established an integrated financial service platform and enhanced the scalability of our teams, systems, and processes. This affects our product lines such as prime brokerage, equity derivatives, and synthetic equity financing, and it is supported by our sales and trading teams.

Outstanding sales team

We are proud of our experienced and dedicated teams in institutional sales, transaction execution and product design, and in middle and back offices support. After years of hard work, our teams have received numerous domestic and international awards such as

  • 2012-2018  Institutional Investor’s Best All-China Sales Team
  • 2004-2018  Asiamoney’s Best Domestic Brokerage
  • 2006-2018  Best Overall Sales Services in China
  • 2017  Institutional Investor’s Best Broker of Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Connect in the Financial Sector of Greater China
  • 2018  HKEX’s SPSA Participation Broker Award and Stock Connect Trading Awards