At the frontier of China’s economic evolution

Our Investment Banking Department (IBD) is committed to establishing a long-term partnership of mutual trust and benefit with high profile clients, including state-owned and privately held enterprises, government agencies and multinational financial institutions. Adhering to the client-oriented concept, we strive to create value for all clients through a full range of highly recognized first rate financing solutions and financial advisory services, based on our significant insight in China and our franchise.

Since our inception, CICC IBD has been at the frontier of China’s economic evolution. We have supported the execution of China’s national strategies and embraced historical opportunities, including mixed ownership reform, supply-side reform, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the development and opening up of China’s capital market. By continuously improving our execution excellence and financial expertise, we have closed a broad range of deals covering industries of strategic importance to China’s real economy and society, including telecoms, financial services, energy, transportation, manufacturing, and the internet.

As China’s economy enters a new era, the private sector led by innovative entrepreneurs is gradually becoming an essential driver of the economy. In response to new clients needing financial services, we have established the Growth Enterprises Investment Banking Department (GI), which is dedicated to comprehensive and sophisticated capital market practices for privately held enterprises and growth enterprises. We have also established industry groups to explore opportunities in emerging industries, and established local presences enhancing our global franchise. 

IBD’s Business Scope

We strive to provide best-in-class investment banking services, including equity financing, debt & structured financing, and financial advisory services:

Equity financing services

Initial public offerings, follow-on offerings and private placements in both domestic and international capital markets, including the Main Board, Growth Enterprise Board and National Equities Exchange and Quotations

Debt and structured financing services

All-round fixed-income products in domestic and international capital markets, including offering enterprise bonds, corporate bonds, preferred stocks, convertible bonds, exchangeable bonds, short-term commercial paper, medium-term notes, financial bonds, subordinated bonds, offshore bonds, asset-backed securities and other structured products.

Financial advisory

Advisory services on mergers and acquisitions, strategic cooperation as well as asset restructuring

2018 IBD Performance Highlights


US IPOs of Chinese Companies and

Overseas Investment-Grade Bonds

among Chinese Investment Banks

Onshore Exchangeable Bonds

World’s No.1

China Equity Financing

A-share IPOs

Hong Kong Follow-on Offerings

Domestic M&A Market


Hong Kong IPOs

China M&A Market