Charity Projects

1. Natural Disaster Relief and Anti-Pandemic Campaign on the Front Line (Hubei, Gansu, Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan and Beijing)
In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic together with profound changes unseen in a century brought about global challenges.
2. Rural Doctor Training and Maternal and Child Health Project (Tibet)
Since 2013, CICC Charity Foundation has been supporting the Tibetan Maternal and Child Health Association in carrying out the Rural Doctor Training and Maternal and Child Health Project.
3.China Rural Education and Child Health (China REACH)
China Rural Education and Child Health (China REACH) program is an early childhood development project in poverty-stricken areas.
4. Village Early Education Center and Volunteer Development Fund (Guzhang County, Hunan Province)
The Village Early Education Center is a project which has been carried out by CICC Charity Foundation since 2012 .
5. Education Funding Project of Maxat Primary School (Kizilsu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang)
In order to improve the educational conditions in underprivilaged areas, CICC Charity Foundation's donations amounted to around RMB 280,000.
6. CICC Teacher Development Fund in Dandelion School (Daxing District, Beijing)
Launched in 2005, Beijing Daxing Dandelion School is the first non-profit private middle school in Beijing for children from migrant families.
7. Poverty Relief Effort Through Consumption and Poverty Alleviation Projects
CICC Charity Foundation plays an active role in poverty relief efforts through consumption and poverty alleviation projects.
8. Public Welfare Ecological Protection and Restoration Project (Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, Hebei Province)
Since 1998, CICC and CICC Charity Foundation have contributed more than RMB 15 million to major natural disasters such as flood relief, Indian Ocean tsunami and Wenchuan earthquake. 
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