CICC Charity Foundation is a private charitable organization launched by CICC in March 2012, it is registered with and supervised by the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. The foundation received a 4A rating in Beijing's 2020 annual municipal evaluation of social organizations. As one of the platforms for CICC to conduct charity events, the foundation is committed to the corporate culture of social responsibility. The Company encourages its employees to actively participate in social welfare activities and has made great efforts in areas of natural disaster relief, improvement of education, health care and sanitation in poverty-stricken areas, and environmental and natural resource protection.



Goals and Visions:

1) Support the healthy development of children to achieve equitable development of education.

2) Support environmental improvement for carbon-neutral and green development.

3) Support rural revitalization to bring about a balanced development of the country.

4) Support the company's public welfare culture to fulfill corporate social responsibility.


Business Scope

Natural disaster relief
Education, health care and sanitation improvement in poverty-stricken areas
Environmental and natural resource protection