Stock Information


1.Above is the shareholding structure of China International Capital Corporation Limited (“CICC”) as at November 02, 2020, which includes directly-owned subsidiaries and other principal subsidiaries.
2.Central Huijin Investment Ltd. directly held 1,936,155,680 A shares, and indirectly held 2,734,800 A shares through China Jianyin Investment Ltd., JIC Investment Co., Ltd. and China Investment Consulting Co. Ltd., wholly owned subsidiaries of Central Huijin Investment Ltd.
3.HKSCC Nominees Limited is the nominal holder of shares on behalf of H shareholders who do not register the shares under their own names. The shareholding ratio of HKSCC Nominees Limited have deducted the shares held by Tencent Mobility Limited, Des Voeux Investment Company Limited and Mingly Corporation which are registered under the name of HKSCC Nominees Limited.
4.Alibaba Group Holding Limited held 202,844,235 H shares and 13,757,670 A shares through Des Voeux Investment Company Limited and Alibaba (China) Technology Co. Ltd. respectively. Des Voeux Investment Company Limited and Alibaba (China) Technology Co. Ltd. are indirectly and wholly owned subsidiaries of Alibaba Group Holding Limited.
5.Tencent Holdings Limited held 216,249,059 H shares through Tencent Mobility Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tencent Holdings Limited.
6.CICC US Securities, Inc. is indirectly held by China International Capital Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited.
7.Certain percentage figures included in this chart have been subject to rounding.