Rigorous, forward-looking analysis for domestic and global investors

Research is the foundation upon which all other business lines at CICC stand. We devote a significant amount of time and resources to developing the research team.

Our research team focuses on global markets and serves domestic and international clients through CICC's global platform. Our broad scope of research encompasses macroeconomic fundamentals, market strategies, fixed income, financial engineering, asset allocation,equities, commodities,as well as foreign exchange. Our extensive coverage, rigorous methodology, independence, impartiality, forward-looking analysis and professional services have contributed to our reputation as a first-rate research institution. We have earned top rankings in domestic and international analyst polls and we are known among our clients as "the China expert".CICC Global Institute (CGI) has worked diligently to perform its tasks, improve its social influence, and build a strong, comprehensive brand name for public policy research.Meanwhile, CGI has made significant achievements in terms of the support for public policy research and decision-making, global cooperation, as well as the construction of platforms for domestic and international exchange of ideas and information.

Areas of Expertise:

Global macroeconomics Global investment strategies
Global commodities Fixed income
Finance (banking, insurance, and securities)  
Technology, media, and internet Real estate and spatial services
Energy (oil & gas, coal) Materials (steel, construction materials, chemicals, nonferrous metals)
Industrials (construction and engineering, machinery, and aerospace technology) Consumer staples (food, beverages, agriculture, and paper)
Health care Automobiles and automobile parts
Transportation (including infrastructure) Gaming
Utilities (IPP, environmental services, alternative energy, and electrical equipment)
Consumer discretionary (retail, home appliances and consumer electronics, textiles, apparel, light industry, tourism, hotels and restaurants)