Cultivating the ability to manage full-spectrum, multi-tiered private equity investment opportunities

CICC Capital Management Co., Ltd. ("CICC Capital" or "the Firm") is the flagship platform of China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) for its global private equity businesses. With overall asset management of approximately RMB328 billion and a staff body composed of more than 300 skilled professionals as of December 31, 2021, CICC Capital has become a leading internationally influential comprehensive alternative investment brand in China. The Firm is committed to becoming a world leader in private equity management with an impactful reputation, establish a large and stable investor base, cultivate superior investment capabilities and provide efficient mid- and back-end platforms. Currently, the Firm runs various categories of RMB private equity funds including real estate and infrastructure, fund of funds and USD private equity funds. Taking CICC Platform Leveraging, Global Capital Financing, Best Value Creating, National Strategy Serving as a vision, the Firm has expanded its product portfolio in terms of investment strategy, industry focus and geographical area.

Looking ahead, CICC Capital will continue to explore different asset classes, develop innovative business models, broaden its investment capabilities, strengthen its risk management systems, and enhance the value of its brand, in order to deliver strong returns to investors over the long run.

Private Equity

CICC was among the first securities firms in China to obtain a direct investment license. We invest in high quality, non-listed companies with long-term growth potential, sustainable and competitive advantages, and high-caliber management teams. We have built a diversified portfolio that covers a broad range of industries including advanced technology, high-end manufacturing, healthcare and consumer.

CICC Jiacheng, established in 2007, is the first private equity investment team of CICC. Backed by major institutional investors, including the National Council of Social Security Fund, Haier Group, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Yanghe Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Railway Fund, CICC Jiacheng established three RMB Funds and one USD Fund, managing about RMB 30 billion of cumulative assets. Maintaining a research-driven investment strategy and value-added post-investment managements, Jiacheng has successfully invested in a number of leading companies across industries including healthcare, technology, advanced manufacturing and consumer. Through IPO, backdoor listing, M&A and repurchase, the distribution and exit speed are significantly above industry level.

Founded in 2015, CICC Zhide manages numerous large private equity funds and special funds that aim to serve government-backed platforms. CICC Zhide aligns its investment philosophy with China’s national economic and social strategies, comprising priority domains e.g. Technological Innovation, Import Substitution and Carbon Neutrality. CICC Zhide’s investment directions have spanned considerable key industries, namely Frontier Technologies, High-End Manufacturing, Consumer Goods & Services, Healthcare, New Energy, New Materials, New Environment, and New Business Services. CICC Zhide’s cumulative AUM reached about ¥50 billion at the end of 2021, with established high quality portfolio companies in the Yangtze River Delta, and emerging funds across the Yangtze River Economic Belt and Southwest China. CICC Zhide’s top portfolio companies include AMEC (Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc.), SenseTime, United Imaging, CXMT (Changxin Memory Technologies,inc.), and SJ Semi.

Fund of Funds

CICC Genesis Fund is China's first government-lead fund combining VC FoF with direct investment and focusing on the emerging industries. CICC Genesis is managed by CICC Capital, sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance, and subscribed to by a legion of reputable institutional investors. Its mission is to provide funding to startups in emerging industries, and to promote technological innovation and industrial upgrade, accelerating the commercialization of new technologies, and to enhance the overall competitiveness and maturity of the nation's emerging industries.

Building on its success as founder and manager of CICC Genesis Fund, CICC Capital is also working under local government mandates to manage their emerging-industry funds and help build ecosystems of emerging-industry companies. CICC Capital has extended its asset management capabilities to local governments to help them promote regional economic growth. 

Beijing Science & Technology Innovation Fund emphasizes on high-end science and technology and front-end original innovation. More than 50 characteristic funds have been established in cooperation with colleges and universities, leading science and technology enterprises and startups with outstanding performance. The feeder funds have invested in more than 700 projects, covering a wide range of hard science and technology such as new generation information technology, medicine and health, intelligent manufacturing and new materials.

Henan Strategic Emerging-Industry Fund is the product of the collaborative efforts between CICC Capital and Henan Investment Group, a combination of CICC Capital's professional investment management capabilities and the local networks and resources of the Henan Investment Group. Through fund of funds and direct investments, the fund aims to support the expansion of companies incorporated in Henan, as well as to introduce industry leaders and advanced technologies into Henan.

CICC Qirong Fund is the first feeder fund in China. It includes both a FoF and a liquidity management segment. The fund will invest in high-quality funds and direct-investment deals in the emerging industries so as to capitalize on growth opportunities in the new economy. The FoF segment will be partially allocated to PEVC funds managed by CICC Capital, especially ones that focus on emerging industries and unique investment themes backed by industry leaders, and has an excellent track record and high-caliber management team. As for the liquidity management segment, the fund will invest in opportunities with good liquidity and low risks, as well as other short-term opportunities presented by CICC.


CICC Capital has received a number of honors and awards, which include:

  • 2021 China Private Equity Institutional Limited Partner (Rank 1), and China PE Firm (Rank 3)by Zero2IPO Group
  • 2021 China Most Notable PE Firm(Rank 2), China Best PE Firm (Rank 6)by LP by China Venture
  • 2021 Best Performing FOF in the World (Rank 3) by Global FOF Association
  • 2021 China Best PE Firm(Rank 2)by Chinese Venture
  • 2021 Best PE Firm by Securities Times
  • 2021 Best "JINNIU" PE Firm by China Securities Journal
  • 2021 Best Government-lead FOF Manager, (Rank 1) by China-FoF
  • 2020 China PE Firm (Rank 5), China Investment Firm Affiliated to Securities Trade (Rank 1), and China Private Equity Institutional Limited Partner (Rank 2) by Zero2IPO Group
  • 2020 China Most Notable PE Firm by LP by China Venture
  • 2020 Best Performing FOF in the World (Rank 3), Best Performing Fund in the World (Rank 1) by Global FOF Association
  • 2020 China Best Government-lead Fund (Rank 1), China Best Return FOF Manager, (Rank 1) by VCPC and China-FoF
  • 2019~2020 China Top10 Best PE Firm by Chinese Venture
  • 2019 China Top10 PE Firm by Zero2IPO Group
  • 2019 China Best PE Firm (Rank 7) by Chinese Venture
  • 2019 China Best Return FOF Manager (Rank 1) by VCPC and China-FoF
  • 2019 Best "JINNIU" PE Firm by China Securities Journal
  • 2018 China Top30 PE Firm and China Top10 Fin-tech Investment Institution by Zero2IPO Group
  • 2018 Top10 FOF Manager of State-owned Assets by CVCA
  • 2018 "JINNIU" PE Firm by China Securities Journal
  • 2018 China Top1 Best FOF Manager, Top1 Most Influential PE firms in China and US, China Top1 Best Return FOF Manager, and China Top5 Best Risk Control FOF by Gold Lotus Award
  • 2017-2018 Top30 PE Firm by Forbes China
  • 2017 China Top20 PE Firm and China Top10 Investment Firm Affiliated to Securities Trade by Zero2IPO Group
  • 2017 Best Private Equity Firm(Rank 12)by China Venture