One of the leading global asset managers with multi-asset, multi-strategy, cross-market capabilities and top-quality professional services

CICC Asset Management (CICC AM) is committed to providing a full range of services with the highest industry standards for clients to achieve sustainable, long-term and competitive returns, as well as other financial goals. Established in 2002, CICC AM holds full range of asset management licenses, and has expanded rapidly in domestic and overseas markets.

Full Set of Licenses

CICC AM offers a wide range of asset management products and is licensed to manage assets for the National Council for Social Security Fund (NCSSF), enterprise annuities, occupational annuities and insurance companies. CICC AM provides services in Collective Investment Schemes, Segregated Accounts, Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII) and RMB Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (RQDII) products in domestic markets. CICC AM is also licensed under the RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (RQFII) and Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (QFII) programs. In Hong Kong, CICC AM operates a wholly-owned subsidiary—China International Capital Corporation Hong Kong Asset Management Limited (CICC AM HK) for asset management services with qualifications based on Type 4 and Type 9 licenses from Security and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

Comprehensive Product Offerings

CICC AM adopts an active strategy for asset management. As one of China's most prestigious asset managers, CICC AM has built a comprehensive product line that covers stocks, bonds, fund of funds, index products, hedge funds and derivatives in mainland China. In Hong Kong, CICC AM has also successfully launched a suite of products in overseas markets.

Professional Team

With years of development, CICC AM has established a strict decision-making and investment management procedure with effective internal control, a mature risk management strategy and robust operating system. The professional teams in equities, bonds, asset allocation and quantitative investment have extensive international experience and a solid investment track record, and enjoys a solid reputation from clients. Our clientele include high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors such as NCSSF, large state-owned enterprises (SOEs), commercial banks, insurance companies, local SOEs, listed companies and finance companies.

Leading Cross-border Business Capabilities

CICC AM was one of the first Chinese institutions to provide overseas asset management services, with CICC AM HK set up as a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2005. As a leading Chinese asset manager in Hong Kong, CICC AM HK manages a broad range of investments in equities, bonds, derivatives, quantitative products and ETFs. CICC AM HK provides diversified asset management services, including cross-border collective investment schemes, overseas segregated accounts, Hong Kong mutual funds and offshore private funds. Deeply rooted in Hong Kong, CICC AM HK covers Asia, the United States, as well as major European markets. Utilizing the industry-leading cross-border capabilities, CICC AM HK endeavors to provide clients, domestic or abroad, with top quality professional asset management services.


With years of consistent innovation and development, CICC AM operates a full-coverage asset management business with diversified product lines. The scale of assets under management is continuously rising.


2002 Licensed by the China Securities Regulatory Commission for asset management business

CICC AM officially established
2003 Began managing CICC AM's first enterprise annuity
2004 Licensed to manage NCSSF domestically and internationally
2005 Licensed to manage enterprise annuity as one of the industry's first group of licensees

CICC AM HK set up
2007 Among the first group in the financial industry licensed to conduct QDII business

CICC AM HK first offshore hedge fund issued
2011 Among the first group of security companies licensed to conduct RQFII business
2012 Among the first group in the financial industry licensed by China Insurance Regulatory Commission to manage insurance assets
2013 CICC AM HK QFII license obtained
2016 Active asset management business showed significant growth

Business scale and customer development achieved new breakthroughs
2017 Cross-border investment management capability further enhanced

Full asset management product line after merger with China Investment Securities Company Limited (CISC), laying a solid foundation for asset management business synergy with CISC going forward
2018 Awarded the Asset Management Mandate for China's first occupational pension

CICC CSI Select 100 ETF and CICC Bloomberg Barclays China Treasury 1-10 Years ETF listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange
2019 Launched the first ever active ETF in the Hong Kong Market - ICBC CICC USD Money Market ETF
2020 Won 100% of bids for the occupational pension plans in 32 provinces as the mandated investment manager after full launch of the occupational pension plan

CICC AM HK launched equity flagship mutual fund product and the first CICC HKD Money Market ETF

The institutional service platform has been launched to realize the customer service and digital management of the full product life cycle



Data Source: CICC AM


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