Wisdom Beyond Wealth

As CICC’s wealth management brand, "CICC Wealth Management” is a pioneer in China's wealth management industry. It is established by integrating the former CICC Wealth Management brand founded in 2007, with the former China Investment Securities Company Limited (CISC) brand incepted in 2005 and its wealth management and brokerage sub-brands including CISC Gold (金中投) and CISC Mobile (掌中投). Representing the best practice of CICC’s strategy for wealth management, CICC Wealth Management is committed to helping clients formulate wealth plans that serve their life goals and providing clients with professional investment solutions.

CICC Wealth Management's vision is to become a world-class wealth management institution trusted by clients and work together with clients to achieve greater individual value and social value on top of the wealth.

Our Business

CICC Wealth Management provides clients with full lifecycle solutions across all asset classes. To better serve wealth management needs of our clients and to conform to international standards, CICC integrates internal resources to build a complete one-stop “Wealth Service Center” that provides leading trading , product and investment management and financing services as well as total solutions with close interaction with CICC’s other business segments including investment banking.

1、Innovative and Efficient Trading Services

Stock Trading: Our stock trading services reach more than 3 million customers. Backed by CICC's cross-border advantages, we can provide individual and institutional clients with trading services across all markets  (including A-share, H-share and US stock markets) and all types including equities, funds, bonds, options, futures and Southbound HK Trading Link. We strive to provide clients with competitive high-end trading services through the IMS system, memory transactions, intelligent algorithm services, quantitative transaction services, and ultrafast trading services.

Wealth Research and Investment Consultation Services: Leveraging our full-range client coverage, diversified services and sophisticated research teams and investment consulting teams, we provide customers with a wide spectrum of professional investment research and consultation services including research reports, roadshow services, listed company research, transaction consulting, investment portfolios and assistance in investment decisions, realizing asset preservation and appreciation. CICC Wealth Management is one of the earliest financial institutions in China setting up professional wealth research and investment consultation teams.

Derivatives Services: CICC is a Tier-1 OTC option dealer with the cross-border license. It is one of the few brokers that can provide clients with domestic and overseas derivatives trading solutions. Our OTC options have covered over 1,000 underlying stocks of the A-share market and the Southbound HK Trading Link, various indexes and commodities, and are in different forms including vanilla  and exotic options. CICC also provides institutional investors with customized solutions. Meanwhile, CICC publicly issues products of different structures such as snowball and trigger structures to meet derivatives investment needs of retail investors for diversified asset allocation.

Prime Brokerage Service: Committed to building a high-quality prime brokerage platform, we currently have dual licenses for both custody and outsourcing services, and possess the ISAE 3402 international certification, making us an industry leader. With the IMS trading system as the core, we provide institutional clients with an integrated investment and trading platform across all product types and supporting both exchange and OTC transactions. At the same time, CICC incepts seed funds with our own capital to back hedge fund startups and fully explore the potentials of superior hedge fund managers. We leverage our leading cross-border business to help hedge fund managers expand their global investments.

Integrated Retail Brokerage APP: The CISC Mobile (掌中投) App is committed to creating China's most advanced online wealth management and retail brokerage platform with distinctive features. Closely focusing on the online needs of clients, CICC actively explores the new business model of combining fintech with wealth management in order to improve the fintech and online service quality, realize the efficient digital operation process covering the lifecycle of users, reduce cost and improve efficiency. In this way, CICC hopes to create an integrated online and offline model for the retail business.

2、Sophisticated Product Offerings and Investment Management Services

Product Platform: Backed by CICC’s product resources, CICC Wealth Management establishes further interactions with various asset managers in the market. With our rigorous research, assessment and screening process, we provide clients with an internationally leading one-stop product shelf covering the full spectrum of asset classes, meeting customers’ demands for cash management, fixed income, equities, alternative investment and cross-border allocation. We also provide offshore product allocation services via our HK office. CICC Wealth Management took the lead in 2010 in establishing a product research system and is the earliest financial institution setting up a professional product research team in the market. The product research team has evaluated over 1,000 products in the market to help clients  address the information asymmetry in relation to product selection.

CIO Office: Backed by CICC’s strong macroeconomic research capability, the CIO Office, from the buyer’s perspective, conducts research on strategic and tactical asset allocation based on such considerations as yield, volatility and liquidity, hence providing advice, following international standards, on asset allocation across various categories.

Asset Allocation: Based on the well-established product platform and CIO Office’s research, CICC Wealth Management’s investment management team provides clients with industry-leading tailored and goal-oriented investment management services through different forms of investment portfolios including domestic and overseas segregated accounts and FOF.

Wealth Planning: CICC Wealth Management takes the lead in setting up a wealth planning team, serving clientswith a “1+N” professional service team featuring a dedicated advisor and a professional service team. Backed by the industry-leading  asset allocation investment research system, as well as CICC’s wealth management product platform and wealth planning model, we provide clients with wealth planning solutions to serve their various life goals such as retirement and children’s education.

3. Leading Financing Services

Margin Financing: CICC is one of the earliest brokers providing clients with margin financing services. By lending funds to clients to buy securities, or lending securities for them to sell, CICC satisfies clients' needs for accessing more trading opportunities and financial leverages. Our margin financing business enjoys multiple advantages including a stable trading system, a large pool of available securities on STAR Market and strong information service capabilities.

Pledge-style Repo: CICC Wealth Management provides stock pledge services to individual or institutional clients. The borrower receives funds through pledging their stocks or other securities to the lender (securities company or other asset management plan). Our pledge-style repo service boasts of such advantages as high funding efficiency, low financing cost, high LTV and flexible term options.

Financial Market: CICC Wealth Management interacts with financial institutions in the market to provide institutional and individual clients with innovative and diversified fundraising services, including structured financing, shareholding increase/decrease related to listed companies, employee stock ownership plans, private placement for capital raising, subscription of new shares on STAR Market and strategic allotment to senior management for financing purpose.

4. CICC’s Integrated Investment and Financing Solutions

CICC Institutional Services: Backed by CICC’s top-notch institutional service platform covering investment banking, direct investment, equities and fixed income, CICC Wealth Management acts as a one-stop window for clients to access CICC’s institutional services. We provide the enterprises of high net worth clients with full-range investment banking services from introducing pre-IPO strategic investors, equity financing at home and abroad, bond issuing, M&A and shareholder reduction.

Comprehensive Services for Listed Companies: We provide one-stop investment banking services to listed companies at home and abroad, ranging from stock account opening, market cap custody, market cap management, pledge-style repo financing, employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), cash management, capital appreciation and M&A financing.

International Financial Services: As the first joint venture investment bank in China, CICC naturally inherits the international gene and enjoys rich cross-border business experience. CICC Wealth Management has established extensive cooperation with world-class overseas asset management institutions through CICC HK Securities, and makes efforts to identify global opportunities for Chinese investors via dedicated and professional services, including global trading, global financial products and overseas wealth planning.

Global Family Office: We assist families, businesses and their family offices to address their needs throughout the life cycle; provide them with comprehensive, customized, institutionalized investment management, investment banking, consultation services and family affairs solutions; and help the families and their businesses survive for a long time.

Our Strengths

Professional Investment Consultants and Private Wealth Advisors

Equipped with strong education and working backgrounds, our professional investment Consultants and private wealth advisors are committed to fully understanding the needs and goals of clients, providing them with professional and tailor-made investment advice, faithfully executing and timely tracking investment plans, hence building long-term mutual trust with clients. Putting the interest of clients at the first, our investment consultants and private wealth advisors provide one-on-one tailor-made services to clients on the basis of understanding about their goals, so as to help them identify opportunities and manage risks.

Comprehensive Solutions following International Standards

To better serve wealth management needs of our clients and to conform to international standards, we establish the one-stop CICC Wealth Service Center (WSC) that gathers industry-leading professionals and integrates our internal resources. We provide extensive research into global markets and financial products as well as all-round wealth planning and asset allocation services. In addition, to meet the risk management and investment needs of our clients, we provide forward-looking, tailor-made domestic, offshore, and cross-border derivatives solutions, helping our clients access scarce resources at home and abroad.

CICC’s Brand and Platform

Backed by CICC’s history and strength blending Chinese roots and international reach, we help clients access CICC's best institutional resources and close interaction with other business segments including investment banking, asset management and research. With the strong project sourcing experience of CICC’s Investment Banking Division, we provide our high-net-worth clients with the best-of-breed integrated investment and financing solutions. In addition, we invite government officials, economists, entrepreneurs, financial regulators and investment managers to share the macroeconomic conditions, policy trends, hot issues, industry analysis and other contents. In this way, we keep our clients aware of the updated researches and discussions in the wealth management field, so as to satisfy their needs and build a platform for long-term communication.


CICC Wealth Management has received a number of honors and awards from media, including:

  • Asiamoney: Best Wealth Manager (2019)
  • Asian Private Banker: Best Wealth Manager in China – Ultra High Net Worth Services (2019)
  • Asian Private Banker: Best Wealth Manager in China – Entrepreneur Services (2019)
  • China Securities Journal: Jinniu Wealth Management Team Award (2019)
  • Securities Times: Best Wealth Management Institution / Brand (2012-2018)
  • International Financial News: Chinese Leading High-net-worth Clients Facilitator (2018)