China International Capital Corporation (UK) Limited (CICC UK) was established in 2009 and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. 

This subsidiary provides not only a central platform from which CICC facilitates cross-border investment and financing services for an ever-increasing number of clients from Europe, the Middle East and Africa who do business with China, but also a platform to serve a growing number of Chinese clients seeking cross-border investment in and financing from these regions.

Since its launch, CICC UK has been committed to strengthening financial and commercial ties with Europe, in particular with London, where it was the first Chinese investment bank to join the London Stock Exchange. By leveraging the strengths of its international platform, CICC UK has attracted a strong team of professionals while successfully developing a sales and trading business that provides world-class securities brokerage services for both local and international high-quality investors. CICC UK also operates an investment banking business that is committed to creating value for European and Chinese clients through a full range of global financing and advisory services.


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