China International Capital Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited (CICC HK) was launched in 1997. CICC HK is an offshore intermediate holding company for CICC's overseas businesses, playing the critical role of connecting China market with the international financial centres, helping Chinese companies enter the global market and leading in their overseas financing projects.

Today, CICC HK's Hong Kong-licensed subsidiaries provide a wide range of financial services, including investment banking, equity sales and trading, fixed income, commodities and currency, wealth management, asset management and research services.

Through the years, CICC has been accumulating an in-depth knowledge base around the Hong Kong market and the latest developments, and maintaining close communication with different stakeholders in the community, which allows it to actively engage in the process of market reform and innovation.  

CICC's Hong Kong business strategy has attained remarkable achievements:

In the primary market, based on the platform of CICC HK, CICC has completed a large number of IPOs of China's important state-owned enterprises, successfully carried out cross-border business innovation such as A+H dual listing, and also participated in capital market transactions of Hong Kong's local and international companies, ranking first-rate in stock and bond underwriting business scale. CICC was named the Asian Bank of the Year in 2020 by IFR Asia.

In the secondary market, CICC HK provides comprehensive sales and trading as well as research services to global institutional investors. It actively participates in cross-border business, providing high-quality services for clients. CICC HK's market share in Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect has grown to a leading position over the years. CICC research team has been awarded first place in "All-China Research Team" by Institutional Investors for the 9th consecutive year, and "Best for Overall Country Research" by Asiamoney for many years in a row.

In terms of building overseas business platform, CICC HK is the holding company of CICC's overseas subsidiaries, namely New York, Singapore, London, Frankfurt and Tokyo, serving as a top overseas business platform among Chinese securities firms. Acting as the "bridgehead" of CICC's overseas business, CICC HK facilitates the two-way capital flows between China and the world. In terms of institutional business, the company has already caught up with top-tier international investment banks.