CICCUK Successfully Facilitated the First Bond Trade with UK Financial Institutions

2022-12-22Corporate News

CICC ML and CICC HKS have successfully landed an RMB bond trade and a UST bond trade with two UK financial institutions recently under the introduction of CICCUK. This is the first time CICCUK  team has facilitated bond transactions with local investors in the UK since its establishment.

CICC implements the "internationalization" strategy and adheres to the "going out" principle. It utilizes its London position and actively expands its presence in Europe, and commits to the development of the European local fixed-income client base, through domestic and overseas networks, online and offline channels to establish connections with the UK local institutions.

CICCUK had leveraged local resources and explored the global asset allocation requirements of UK institutional investors, which led to the successful introduction and facilitation of these RMB and USD bond trades between UK investors and CICC ML and CICC HKS.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the ambassadorial diplomatic relations between China and the UK, and these transactions opened a new page for CICC’s landing in the UK and strengthened its role connecting the investment communities in Europe and Asia. It is a great achievement since the launch of CICCUK’s FICC introducing services. It is also a strong practice for CICC to tell overseas investors stories about China and meet high-quality bilateral investment needs.

Going forward, CICC will continue to bear the core value of “Chinese Roots, International Reach” and bridge China and the world by exploring business opportunities in the international stage, and making contributions to the opening of China's bond market.