CICC Is Selected in the First ESG Influence Ranking of China Organized by Fortune

2022-08-25Corporate News

Fortune just released the full list of its ESG Influence Ranking of China 2022 on August 23, 2022. CICC was selected in this ESG Influence Ranking by leveraging on its outstanding ESG practice and performance.

According to Fortune, ESG is the abbreviation of environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance, which encourages enterprises to stop focusing on the single indicator of profit, consider the impact of their business behavior on the environment and society as much as possible, and more actively participate in the challenges of climate change, environmental pollution, the gap between the rich and the poor, and business ethics. This year, Fortune compiled the ESG Influence Ranking of China for the first time, aiming to find those enterprises that better shoulder environmental, social and governance responsibilities while creating wealth and are committed to leading the world back to security and prosperity. 

CICC has also won many awards in the ESG selection organized by media and institutions at home and abroad over the years, such as All-Asia Best ESG, Best CSR Enterprises in China, Best ESG Enterprises in China, Best Bank for Green Bonds in China, China's Best Employers, etc. CICC selecting in this ESG Influence Ranking once again represents the encouragement to CICC from the industry and media.

In the future, as a leading investment bank in China, CICC will adhere to the original intention of "For the Nation", pay long-term attention to sustainable development, give full play to its financial advantages to enable the green transformation and development of the economy, serve the high-quality development of the real economy, actively practice corporate social responsibility, and deeply implement the ESG development concept.