“Rural Doctor Training” Project Recognized as “Annual Outstanding Charity Case” byJiemian News

2022-12-31Events & Activities

Jiemian News launched the list of “Annual Outstanding Charity Cases” in 2021, which is the first time for Jiemian to appraise charity cases. The “Rural Doctor Training and Maternal and Child HealthProject” long supported by the CICC Charity Foundation has become one of the ten selected cases.

Since 2013, CICC Charity Foundation has constantly supported the TibetanWoman Healthcare Association to conduct the “Rural Doctor Training” project. This program aims to comprehensively reverse the current circumstances of high maternal and child mortality and the congenital disability of Tibetan children by improving the medical skills of rural medical personnel and raising the awareness of maternal and child health care among farmers and herdsmen in remote areas. Ultimately, we intend to elevate the overall level of maternal and child health care in rural areas of Tibet.

CICC and the CICC Charity Foundation will persist in proactively responding to the “Charity Acts of the Securities Industry to Promote Rural Revitalization”, focus on education, medical treatment, environmental protection and other issues in rural and border areas, undertake social responsibilities through charity practices, and advance the equaldevelopment of the society.