Launch of CICC Charity Volunteer Platform

2021-12-24Events & Activities

In 2021, the CICC CharityVolunteer Team was officially established. In December, the CICC Charity Volunteer Platform was launched. This platform aims to better serve volunteers and to allow all staff members of CICC to take a direct part in charity events while offering volunteer training programs. It serves as a vital part of CICC Charity’s system of volunteer services.

The volunteer platform is committed to creating a standardized model of volunteer service activities for CICC’s volunteers and promoting the specialization and normalization of volunteer services, so as to provide volunteers with a wide variety of project options, professional volunteer training programs and incentive policies. By engaging in the volunteer service activities carried out both online and offline, everyone is able to take their part, do their best and contribute to charity practices, so as to cultivate the spirit of corporate citizens and to assume corporate social responsibility.