Food Donation by CICC Hong Kong Charity to “Feeding Hong Kong” to Spread Warmth in Winter

2021-12-24Events & Activities

In December, volunteers from CICC Hong Kong collaborated with the charity organization of “Feeding Hong Kong” to initiate an event of food donation prior to the arrival of the festival. CICC Hong Kong Charity put up posters and placed recycling bins in the rest area on each floor of the Company. The food raised included all sorts of canned food (fish, soup, meat, beans and vegetables), well packaged white rice, noodles and edible oil.

In Hong Kong, 3,400 tons of leftover food are sent to landfills on a daily basis. However, in the meantime, over one million impoverished people are unable to get three meals a day. CICC Hong Kong has made proactive contributions to change the current circumstances and invited employees to take part in food donations. In addition, it has provided assistance to social groups in need as a gesture of love to convey warmth in winter.