CICC Charity Ecological Carbon ForestProject Unveiled in Fengning County of Hebei Province

2021-10-18Events & Activities

On October 16, over 40 volunteers were commissioned by the CICC Charity Foundation to planttrees in the Fengning County of Hebei Province, and they planted the first batch of seedlings of the project. In addition, the volunteers witnessed the unveiling ceremony for the project of CICC Charity Ecological Carbon Forest in the Fengning County of Hebei Province. Subsequent to the planting of trees, the volunteers paid a visit to the Ecological Exhibition Hall in the XiaobaziTownship and gained an in-depth understanding of the severe circumstances of desertification in the township at the end of 20th century as well as the production and living conditions of local residents.

In 2019, CICC Charity Foundation collaborated with the China Green Carbon Foundation to launch the project of “CICC Charity Ecological Conservation and Restoration” in the Xiaobazi Township, with a planned area of 333.33 Mu and a total of 36,666 PinusSylvestrisseedlings to be planted. The Fengning County serves as a vital ecological barrier, a critical water source as well as a major source of sandstorms in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area. According to estimates, once the trees of PinusSylvestris become a forest, they are able to absorb about 5,361 tons of carbon dioxide, thereby mitigating and helping the area to adapt to the effects of climate change in the ecosystem.

In 2021, CICC Charity Foundation expanded investment and launched a larger-in-scale project of “CICC Charity Ecological Conservation and Restoration” in the Fengning County, with a planned area of 909 mu. The project aims to support the planting and the three-year management of 100,000 trees of PinusSylvestris. In addition, the project is expected to effectively preserve and restore the forest ecosystem and vegetation landscape of the Yanshan Mountains, and to enhance the mitigation and adaptation efforts against climate change.