CICC Charity Foundation Paid a Visit to Weiyuan County to Inspect Project of “CICC-Joyoung Hope Kitchen”

2021-09-30Events & Activities

From September 29 to 30, 2021, Feng Danyun, Chairman of the CICC Charity Foundation, and Wang Yike, Secretary General of the Joyoung Charity Foundation, paid a visit to the Weiyuan County to carry out on-site acceptance and inspection of the project of “CICC-Joyoung Hope Kitchen”. They exchanged views with the government leaders of Weiyuan County as well as the outpost officials of the National Rural Revitalization Bureau in the County.

In the five schools located inWeiyuan County in which the “CICC-Joyoung Hope Kitchen” were built, over 1,100 teachers and students have been able to enjoy nutritious breakfast including stuffed buns,steamed buns and porridge, in addition to hot lunch.

Moving forward, CICC Charity Foundation and Joyoung will continue to collaborate with the Weiyuan County Education Bureau to identify needs for kitchen building bythe local schools, to devise standardized and replicable kitchen building schemes, and to promote the standardization of kitchen establishment in local rural schools.