CICC Tops Best Local Brokerage for 18 Years in Asiamoney’s Poll

2022-01-14Corporate News

Asiamoney released the result of its Brokers Poll 2021 recently, in which CICC achieved great results once again leveraging its outstanding professional capability and quality customer services. CICC topped 12 of all 13 institutional awards of China (A&B Share / Hong Kong), such as Best Local Brokerage, Best for Overall Research, Best for Overall Sales, etc. 

CICC has topped Best Domestic Brokerages for 18 straight years (2004-2021) and captured Best Brokerages for Research and Best Brokerages for Sales for 16 straight years (2006-2021) in Asiamoney Brokers Polls. 

Moreover, CICC also topped more than 30 prizes in individual categories in Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2021. Below is a list of awards that we obtained this year:

The 32nd annual Asiamoney Brokers Poll invited chief investment officers, fund managers and investment analysts to take part. Voters represented fund management houses, hedge fund & private equity firms, insurance companies and wealth management houses in Asia, Europe and North America. A total of 5,734 valid individual responses from 2,876 different institutions were received.

With the development of China’s capital markets, CICC equities department embarked on a new round of transformation and upgrades. We currently provide elite execution plans and one-stop comprehensive financial services, covering investment research, sales, trading, products and cross-border services, as well as distinguished execution plans for both local and international institutional investors. CICC research team focuses on global markets. We research and analyze macroeconomic fundamentals, market strategies, stocks, and commodities for domestic and international clients through CICC’s global platform. 

As a leading investment bank with “Chinese Roots, International Reach”, CICC will continue to utilize its capital market expertise as well as its seamless cooperation of onshore and offshore businesses to provide customers with first-class financial services and contribute to the high-quality economic development of China.