CICC Holds Successful Forum on Technological Innovation and Issues Major Thematic Report

2021-09-24Corporate News

China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC, 3908.HK, 601995.SH) held on September 23–24 a major event in Beijing – "2021 CICC Forum on Technological Innovation and Industrial Value Chain Development". The forum invited more than 100 guest speakers, including government officials, prominent domestic and overseas scholars, top investors, as well as leading corporate executives. The forum featured in-depth discussions on technological innovation and the development of industrial value chains from a broad range of perspectives, such as talent, R&D and education. On this occasion, CICC Research and CICC Global Institute also issued a major thematic report, “Keep the Torch Burning: Technological Innovation and Industrial Value Chain”. The report comprehensively studies technological innovation in China, explores the role of public policies, and analyzes the drivers and potential of technological advancement. A total of 1700 government officials, corporate representatives and investors participated in the event, with 1000 guests attending in person and more than 700 guests joining online.


Shen Rujun, Chairman of CICC, delivered the welcome address, highlighting the essential role for financial institutions under China’s 14th Five-Year Plan. “Innovation is at the core of China’s endeavor to build itself into a modernized socialist country,” The Chairman stressed. At a recent conference of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee, policymakers called for greater efforts to foster technological innovation and improve the resilience of industrial value chains and supply chains. CICC has remained since its founding committed to its mission to serve China’s national strategy and real economy. 


Huang Zhaohui, CEO of CICC, chaired the forum. The CEO remarked, “Never before have science and technology had such a profound impact on people’s wellbeing and the country's future. The macro, strategy and sector teams of CICC Research and CICC Global Institute collaborated to produce a major thematic report to provide investors with a systematic and comprehensive analysis of technological innovation. This is another major achievement following their thematic reports on the digital economy and economics of carbon neutrality.


Domestic and overseas experts and scholars meet to discuss technological innovation

Prominent domestic and overseas speakers delivered keynote speeches on the first day of the forum, discussing new theories, current conditions, and the outlook of technological innovation in China and around the world. Among the topics discussed are the importance of technological innovation, its supporting mechanisms, collaboration, financial support, corporate innovation, and antitrust policies.

The forum also featured 23 sub-forums and a science lecture. Sub-forum topics included “Financial Support for Innovation amid Global Competition”, “Talent and Innovation”, “Global Collaboration in Innovation and China’s Support to Specialized, Innovative SMEs with Unique, Advanced Products and Sound Management”, “Pharmaceutical Innovation in China: A Global Perspective” and “AIOT & IoE”.

CICC issues a major thematic report on technological innovation and the rise of China’s innovation economy

The macro, strategy and sector teams of CICC Research and CICC Global Institute issued a comprehensive analysis of China's technological innovation, and investigated existing challenges and discuss the role of public policies. The macro section of this report analyzes China's technological innovation from three perspectives: supply (e.g., talent and R&D), demand (i.e., domestic and international demand), and ecosystems (e.g., regional and national innovation frameworks). The sectoral section focuses on the digital, biological, and green sectors and analyzes value chain security, innovation potential, and the fundamental role of manufacturing and logistics. The financial section discusses ways the financial system could support innovation in the real economy, including through valuation, investment, and financing activities.   


Dr. Peng Wensheng, Chief Economist of CICC, Head of CICC Research and Executive Dean of CICC Global Institute, pointed out that technological innovation is a key driving force behind China’s high-quality development. “Fostering innovation is a systematic campaign that requires an effective ecosystem supported by an efficient market and a capable government.” Dr. Peng stressed,“Our previous thematic reports include Digital Economy: The Next Decade (September 2020) and Economics of Carbon Neutrality (March 2021). This report on technological innovation represents another joint achievement of CICC Research and CICC Global Institute. We hope our report will facilitate better understanding and further discussion of innovation-related issues.”

Science Lecture: A journey across the stars for the young audience

At the CICC Forum on Technological Innovation, CICC Global Institute and the Future Forum jointly held a special event for our younger audience—a science lecture. Chaired by Wu Huimin, Managing Director of CICC Global Institute, the sci-fi and space-themed lecture invited scholars to explore the universe. Guest speakers include Dr. Su Meng (discoverer of the Fermi Bubble, CEO of Origin Space, PhD graduate from Harvard University), and Li Xinfeng (Director of the Center for Space Application Engineering and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences). The speakers embarked the young audience on a journey to explore a wide range of scientific phenomena and concepts.

A total of 200 children and teenagers attended the science lecture, including 50 students from the Dandelion School in Beijing, to which CICC and CICC Charity Foundation have been long-term supporters. The science lecture aimed to spark their imagination and stimulate their curiosity in the world of science.