CICC Assists SciClone in Listing on the Main Board of HKEX

2021-03-03Corporate News

SciClone Pharmaceuticals (Holdings) Limited (“the Company” or “SciClone”, stock code: 6600.HK) was listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 3, 2021, with an offering size of approximately 281 million USD, and approximately 323 million USD upon the full exercise of greenshoe. CICC acted as the Joint Sponsor, JGC, Stabilization Manager and Settlement Agent in this project. 

About SciClone

The Company is a biopharmaceutical company with an integrated platform for product development and commercialization. The Company strategically focuses on some of the largest and fast-growing therapeutic areas with significant unmet medical needs in China, primarily including oncology and severe infection. Leveraging its integrated platform, the Company strives to develop and commercialize a portfolio of high-quality marketed products, including the company’s proprietary product, Zadaxin, and pipeline drugs in the company’s focused therapeutic areas. The Company has a high-quality portfolio of marketed products, including the Company’s core immunodrug, Zadaxin, which has gained recognition in the Chinese national battle against SARS, Bird Flu and COVID-19. As a result, Zadaxin has been listed for the treatment of severe and critical cases of COVID-19 in the treatment guideline issued by the NHC, and has made outstanding contributions to national epidemic prevention and control. The Company’s in-licensed products include Angiomax and Zometa. The Company also sells promotion products for the company’s partner pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer and Baxter. In addition, the Company has established a product pipeline of early to late-stage drug candidates by in-licensing.

At the stage of application and review, as the sole Chinese-funded investment bank among the joint sponsors, by virtue of its unique advantages of "Chinese root" and differentiated understanding ability, CICC was able to form solutions which met regulatory expectations, benefits for the customer and requirements of intermediaries. CICC’s professional service ensured the smooth implementation of the project, winning deep trust and high praise from the client.

At the stage of offering, CICC introduced cornerstone investors with the largest amount and the highest quality. CICC made full use of its unique advantages among Chinese investors and industrial investors and introduced heavyweight cornerstone investor like IDG and Shanghai Pharma, building a solid foundation for a successful offering. With accurate judgments of the market, CICC firmly supported the company to seize the favorable window after the Spring Festival to launch offering immediately, successfully achieving a high-end pricing. In terms of international placement, CICC was the only investment bank that has covered almost all orders from Europe, US, Asia and China, and ranked first in terms of the amount of orders brought in, far ahead of all investment banks. CICC was highly trusted by the company with its outstanding sales contribution and professional advice.

With all-round and multi-level financial services, giving full play to the advantages of a one-stop platform, CICC accompanied and assisted the Company to achieve its strategic goals and has become the most trusted investment bank of the company.

Upholding the values of “By the People and For the Nation”, helping SciClone to enter capital market is another strong evidence of CICC's in-depth implementation of the important deployment of financial support for epidemic prevention and control by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. The successful IPO is not only an important milestone in the capital market cooperation between the two sides, but also a new starting point for the next stage of joint efforts. CICC is devoted to leveraging our extensive capital market experience and professional investment banking capability to make contributions to the long-term growth of companies such as SciClone, which also has a high sense of social responsibility.