CICC Assists Wanda Film in Completing An RMB2.929bn A-share Private Placement

2020-11-10Corporate News

Wanda Film Holding Co., Ltd. (“Wanda Film” or the “Company”, Stock Code: 002739.SZ) completed A-share private placement in November, 2020, with the offering size reaching up to RMB2.929bn. China International Capital Corporation (“CICC”) acted as the Sole Sponsor and Underwriter of this transaction.

This transaction is the largest A-share private placement in the film industry since 2017. Through this highly efficient placement, which took less than four months from announcement to CSRC’s approval, Wanda Film contributed more significantly into the building of modern theaters, meeting the public’s increasing cultural needs, establishing construction and service standards for the film industry, promoting China’s domestic demand and employment. As a result, this placement will further enhance the Company's market coverage and penetration rate, and consolidate the leading position in the industry.

About Wanda Film

Wanda Film, founded in January 2005, has covered the entire industry chain of film investment, production, distribution, and screening. Over the years, Wanda film has always adhered to the customers’ viewing value and experience as the core, continued to introduce and promote high-quality projection technology, and is committed to presenting the ultimate ideal viewing scene for customers. With high commercial value and forward-looking industrial layout, Wanda film won "China's Best Business Model Innovation Award in the 21st Century" and "Outstanding Industry Enterprise of the Year" and other awards.

Wanda Film is holding the leading position in the film industry. As of December 31, Wanda Film's cumulative box office market share was 13.3%, and core indicators such as box office, movie attendance, and market share have ranked No.1 in the country for 11 consecutive years, and indicators such as single-screen output and average attendance are occupying the industry’s leading position.

Solely led the high-quality execution to efficiently obtain the regulatory approval

CICC, as the Sole Sponsor, relying on the long-term cooperative relationship with Wanda Film and adequate preliminary information, coordinated intermediary agencies’ joint efforts, completed the implementation and maintained the schedule successfully. With sufficient preliminary preparation and excellent lead coordination, CICC assisted Wanda Film promoting the review process, and successfully getting the unconditional approval. This transaction only took less than 4 months from the announcement to the CSRC’s approval, marking one of the most efficient executions of the A-share private placements in recent years.

Assisted in regulatory communication during this special period of the film industry, protect the Company's interests to the greatest extent

During the special period of film industry, at a critical moment when the Company urgently needed financial support, CICC assisted the Company in conducting regulatory communication, helping it to obtain CSRC’s approval as quickly as possible, so as to protect the Company's interests to the greatest extent. 

With its rich experience in project execution and strong edge on comprehensive service, CICC has won high praise and extensive recognition from the client in this deal. As a leading investment bank with “Chinese Roots, International Reach”, CICC will continue to utilize its capital market expertise to provide continuous support to our customers in terms of introduction of global investors, reaching capital market, and promoting long-term development.