CICC Assists Zoenn Design in Listing on ChiNext Board

2020-10-29Corporate News

On October 29, 2020, Zhejiang Zoenn Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zoenn Design”, or the “Company”, stock code: 300901.SZ) was successfully listed on the ChiNext board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. CICC acted as Sole Sponsor and Sole Lead Underwriter in this transaction. 

Zoenn Design is the first A-share listed company that specializes in the creative design of shoes, and one of the few companies in the industry that has the ability to design fast fashion products for wholesale. Its innovative design capabilities effectively facilitate the transformation and upgrade of China's traditional footwear industry and the development of fashion product design. As an industry leader with first-mover advantages in the footwear design industry, Zoenn Design is another brand with extensive market influence served by CICC in the field of creative design.

About Zoenn Design

Zoenn Design is a creative design company with fashion product design as its core business. Mainly applying its fashion product design in the design of shoes, it also provides supply chain integration services according to customers' needs, and is rapidly growing the logo design business for various consumer products. With a large team of mature designers and an efficient design system, the Company is able to accurate seize the market trend through centralized procurement and a modular design process. Being able to deliver a large quantity of high-quality designs at a fast speed, the Company benefits from its professionalism and large scale, and enjoys a significant first-mover advantage. Zoenn Design has become one of the few players in the industry that has the capabilities of designing fast-fashion products for wholesale and empowers the transformation and upgrade of the traditional footwear industry. These qualities perfectly match with the demands of shoe brands, particularly women's shoe brands that have a large number of new products, rich style choices and fast response speed. As of December 31, 2019, the company had more than 130 staff in R&D and design, and was able to design nearly 10,000 shoe samples.

On the back of an in-depth understanding of the registration-based IPO system and extensive experience in listing and issuance, CICC actively promoted the review and approval of Zoenn Design's IPO during the reform of the registration-based IPO system. As the sole sponsor and sole lead underwriter in Zoenn Design's A-share IPO, CICC gained profound understanding of the Company's demands and the market environment in which it operates, fully tapping into its business highlights and interpreting its new business model. With strong professional, execution and communication capabilities, CICC also overcame many complex challenges faced in the review of applicants with new business models, winning full trust from the client through continuous effective communication, and ensured a successful closure of the deal. The project fully demonstrates CICC's professionalism as a high-quality investment bank that provides a full spectrum of services.

As a leading Chinese investment bank that upholds the values of “Chinese Roots and International Reach” and “By the People and For the Nation”, CICC will continue to commit to the long-term development of Chinese private enterprises and contribute to the “internal circulation” of China's economy with our extensive capital market experiences and investment banking expertise.