CICC Wins Prizes in International Pioneer Financial Institution Awards 2020 Organized by International Financial News

2020-10-27Corporate News

International Financial News released the full list of its International Pioneer Financial Institution Awards 2020 in Shanghai recently. By leveraging on its professional capability and quality customer services, CICC achieved a great result, winning two heavy-weight institutional titles of Best Securities Company for Asset Management and Best Institution for High-net-worth Clients Service.

Mr. Xu Yicheng, Assistant President and Head of Asset Management Segment of CICC, attended the award ceremony and expressed his views on the prospect of asset management industry. Mr. Xu said that with the institutional reform and opening up, the capital market will play a central role in the financial system. Under this trend, the asset management industry is expected to achieve sustained and rapid growth in the next 5-10 years.

Below is a list of awards that we have obtained: 

International Pioneer Financial Institution Awards are sponsored by International Financial News of People's Daily, focusing on comprehensive and professional evaluation of multiple financial segmentation fields, and dedicated to bring honor to the leaders and pioneers of the financial industry.

As a leading investment bank with “Chinese Roots, International Reach”, CICC will continue to utilize its capital market expertise to provide customers with first-class financial services and contribute to the high-quality economic development of China.