Dream Big and Dream Alive

2020-01-15Corporate News

Dreams meet no boundaries.

Those of children’s can go even farther.


This year, at CICC’s 25th anniversary,

we have invited children from four CICC-funded schools

to paint their lives in 25 years.


Despite limited educational resources,

and straitened circumstances,

the children dream big,

and envision their future with infinite novelty.


Let’s be the honored witnesses to their dreams,

and keep those dreams alive through efforts and time.

Dream big and dream alive.


In CICC, social responsibility is not relevant only at the company level. Many of CICC employees, their families and friends have participated as volunteers in CICC-sponsored social welfare activities.

For 25 years, CICC has enshrined its original aspiration, love and share, and made itself a public-minded platform to help more dreams come true.