CICC Wins Prizes in Best Wealth Management Institution Awards

2020-08-06Corporate News

Securities Times just released the full list of its Best Wealth Management Institution in China Awards 2020 recently. By leveraging on its outstanding professional capability, CICC achieved great results once again, including the heavy-weight title, Best Wealth Management Institution. This is the 8th year for CICC to receive heavy-weight titles in the overall award. 

Apart from this overall title, CICC also captured award from other individual categories. Below is a list of awards that we have obtained this year:

In the same poll organized by Securities Times over the years before, CICC had accomplished remarkable achievements, by winning overall awards Best Wealth Management Brand in China 4 times (2012, 2016-2018), and Best Wealth Management Institution in China for 3 times (2013-2015). Moreover, CICC had also captured awards from many individual categories, such as Best Broker for Institutional Investor Services, Best Investment Team of Fixed-income Assets, Best Quantitative Investment Team, Best Absolute Return Product, Best Fixed-income Product of Asset Management and Most Innovative Asset Management Product, etc.

As the authoritative mainstream media of capital market, Securities Times strives to explore the excellent wealth management institutions through the awards. The honors CICC has gained over the years represent the confidence in CICC from the industry and media, which is of great importance to the brand building and business development of CICC.