CICC Assists UCloud in Listing on SSE STAR Market

2020-01-20Corporate News

UCloud Technology Co., Ltd. (“UCloud” or the “Company”,688158) has been successfully listed on the SSE STAR Market on Jan 20th, 2020. It is the first company with weighted voting rights structure and the first public cloud company on the history of A-share market.

UCloud, a leading neutral third-party cloud service provider in China, is among the first batch of companies to be certified as Trusted Cloud Services (TRUCS). Since its establishment, the Company has always adhered to the positioning of a neutral third-party cloud service provider and the corporate mission of using cloud computing to help ambitious people to drive human progress. Based on a thorough understanding of the different business needs of the Internet and traditional enterprises in different scenarios as well as independent R&D of IaaS and basic PaaS products, the Company provides a series of cloud computing solutions including public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. In the future, the Company will be committed to providing more convenient, secure and reliable cloud computing service products for enterprise customers, and in particular, to provide more flexible and customized cloud computing services to emerging technology companies, traditional enterprises in transition and other key national development areas. The Company will also be committed to becoming a leading and respected cloud computing company with continuous and sound growth and increasing industry status.

As the Sole Sponsor and Lead Underwriter, CICC closely followed the execution throughout the whole course of the transaction, fully mobilized various resources, accurately grasped the key points of review and approval and overcame challenges in the execution process. We assisted the Company in successfully introducing heavy-weight strategic investors – such as China Mobile Capital and GLP – that have strategic significance to its operation and development. At the stock issuance stage, CICC deeply tapped into the investment highlights, laying a solid foundation for the final pricing and successful issuance. CICC received high recognition from the Company by providing first-class service.

As a leading, people-oriented investment bank with Chinese roots and international reach and serving the nation with integrity, CICC is committed to providing high-quality and value-added financial services for its clients. Relying on extensive capital market experience and seamless onshore and offshore services, CICC will continue to provide first-class financial services and assist clients to achieve their strategic goals of development.