CICC Wins Big in Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2019

2020-01-03Corporate News

Asiamoney released the result of its Brokers Poll 2019 recently, in which CICC achieved great results once again leveraging its outstanding professional capability and quality customer services. CICC topped 9 brokerage awards of China (A&B Share / H-share, Red chip & P-chip / Hong Kong Local Share), such as Best Local Brokerage, Best for Overall Research, Best Overall Sales Services, etc. 

CICC has won Best Local Brokerage for 16 straight years (2004-2019) and captured Best for Overall Country Research and Best Overall Sales Services for 14 straight years (2006-2019). 

The 30th annual Asiamoney Brokers Poll invited chief investment officers, fund managers and investment analysts to take part. Voters represented fund management houses, insurance companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and wealth managers from around the world. A total of 5,570 valid individual responses from 2,558 different institutions were received.

Moreover, CICC also topped over 50 prizes in individual categories in Brokers Poll 2019. Below is a list of awards that we obtained this year: