CICC Charity Foundation Awarded “2017 Anti-Poverty and Child Development Distinguished Contribution Gold Award”

2018-02-07Events & Activities

On February 1, 2018, Beijing CICC Charity Foundation (CICC Charity Foundation) was awarded the “2017 Anti-Poverty and Child Development Distinguished Contribution Gold Award” by China Development Research Foundation (CDRF). Feng Danyun, the Chairwoman of CICC Charity Foundation, took the prize; and Yang Xinping, the Secretary of the Party Committee of China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC), delivered a speech at the ceremony.

CICC Charity Foundation was set up exclusively by CICC in March 2012. As one of the platforms for CICC to conduct charity events, CICC Charity Foundation is committed to the corporate culture of social responsibility which is cherished by CICC. It encourages its employees to actively participate in social welfare activities and has made great effort in natural disaster relief, improvement of education, health care and sanitation in poverty-stricken area, environmental and natural resource protection.

Since its establishment, CICC Charity Foundation has participated in the Village Early Education Center (VEEC) project and the China Rural Education and Child Health (China REACH) program, and has been working with the China Development Research Foundation closely. In the future, the two organizations will further strengthen their cooperation and jointly contribute to the development of children in the poverty-stricken areas.