Education Is Fundamental to Poverty Relief, CICC’s Yang Xinping Stresses in CCTV Program

2017-08-25Events & Activities

Yang Xinping, who is in charge of CICC’s poverty alleviation work, gave an interview to the economic program “Half-hour Economy” of China Central Television (CCTV) on August 19, 2017. In this program, Ms. Yang made an introduction to CICC’s efforts in poverty alleviation through education and the entire work for public good.

“Education should play a fundamental role in poverty relief,” Ms. Yang said. “It is very important to make sure children of impoverished families enjoy access to high-quality education.” Follow this idea, CICC has donated more than RMB 7 million in funds to the Rural Kindergarten Plan, which aims to provide preschool education opportunity for left-behind children in rural areas. Just in the Guzhang County of Hunan Province, CICC has participated in the establishment of 78 this kind of kindergartens, which significantly increased the enrollment of the local preschool children.

“It is a key factor in targeted poverty alleviation, which will benefit the future generations.” Ms. Yang said. As a leading investment bank with nation in mind, CICC has always been committed to the improvement of education in poverty-stricken areas. In 2012, CICC exclusively launched the CICC Charity Foundation to participate in social welfare activities in a systematic manner, which has an education focus.

“The Foundation is a manifestation of CICC’s commitment to public welfare and the poverty relief work,” Ms. Yang said. In future, CICC will make even greater effort in poverty reduction and other social work, contributing to a better society.