8. Post-disaster Reconstruction of Major Disasters

2019-02-12Charity Projects

Since 1998, CICC and CICC Charity Foundation have contributed more than RMB 15 million to major natural disasters such as flood relief, Indian Ocean tsunami and Wenchuan earthquake. 

Since the founding of CICC Charity Foundation, it has actively participated in the post-disaster reconstruction of major disasters. After the Ya'an earthquake in Sichuan in 2013, 1000 sets of students' desks and chairs and 200 sets of teachers' office desks and chairs were donated to the Tianquan Middle School, Sichuan Province, with a material value of more than RMB 400,000. After the Ludian earthquake in Yunnan Province in 2014, 1500 sets of kindergarten beds and bedding were donated to Huize County, the disaster area. 700 "grandma tells stories" players were donated, with a material value of RMB 415,000.