4. Renovation Project of Anjiazao School

2019-02-12Charity Projects

In order to improve the educational conditions in poor areas and implement the public welfare concept of "poverty alleviation and wisdom support", CICC and CICC Charity Foundation have donated near RMB 5 million to support the renovation project of Anjiazao School in Tianzhen County, Shanxi Province. In May 2017 and May 2018, CICC sent staff to the school twice as assistant principals to improve its internal management system, supervise the use of donations and funds, etc.

Meanwhile, CICC Charity Foundation purchased special products from poor counties, such as bacon from Guzhang, Hunan, flour from Jimunai County, Xinjiang, and donated them to Anjiazao School. This method achieved the goal of aid-the-poor by consumption their products, and improved the living standards of teachers and students in Anjiazao School as well.